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Staind fly on paper wings

They also make music with as little weight and substance as paper.

Staind have released another new song (OMG AMAZING!!!!11). It’s called ‘Paper Wings’ and it’s actually surprisingly good… Just kidding, it sucks of course.

You can listen to it below, in case the huge fuck off sized embedded Soundcloud block doesn’t give it away. Well, at least you’d think that would be the case, but apparently “the track is currently unavailable”. It’s nature’s way of telling you not to listen, trust me.
Staind – ‘Paper Wings’ by ATL REC

Source: Guitar World


The weekly playlist: Shit done got stained


If your memory is a wee bit shit, fear not, we have these fancy things called links. Check it out. Aren’t I amazing?

So, last week I decided to write a short playlist article, where I reviewed some new songs. I’m back again, with a silly title (and no, I really don’t know what it means), but it’s more or less the same principle. We’ve had some new (well newish) songs released this week, Guido has introduced me to some new tracks, and well, I’m still as self-indulgent and egotistical as ever, so yes make that jump for this week’s song reviews.


Staind give their new song away free

Staind giving a song away is like those people on the streets giving leaflets away. You look at it, and then promptly put it in the nearest bin.

Luckily for you, Staind have made it a bit more difficult to get the new song they’re very kindly giving away unless you really want it. You have to submit your details and email address and then they send you a link to download the song. That’s exactly what I’ve just done and now I just know that Roadrunner UK and Staind are going to sell my details and spam my inbox with crappy music promotion. I’m a fearless bastard though and took a “bullet” for the team for the sake of this news post and my future ‘Weekly Playlist’ post (click).

Do you know what takes the piss, however? I’m listening to the song now and I’ve already heard it. It’s not even a “new” new song, I heard it a week or two back on Youtube. God dammit, I’ve been screwed over!

If you’re clinically insane, you can download the new song ‘Eyes Wide Open’ within the next 48 hours for free at Roadrunner.co.uk. Or you could just listen to the stream below.


Weak Recap: Simo’s back!

You guys remember Simo, right? He took a two-month break from the interwebz, to see if this ‘real life’ thing is as good as people say it is. Once he realized talking to a girl in real life is not as easy as on Facebook, he came back. With a vengeance.

Okay, so maybe not with a vengeance, but he came back. And now I get to interview him, which is not an honor and a privilege.

We’ll talk about a lot of things, a lot of boring things, so I’m not gonna lie to you… It will be a pretty boring article, so don’t bother reading this further. It will only make you waste a lot of valuable time.

But if you’ve got nothing better to do, make the jump and read what two people who rarely get laid (and when they do, it ends in tears) have to say about this past week’s articles.

Enjoy! (you won’t, trust me, but I like being optimistic)


Oh no, not again!

According to Blabbermouth, depressive “rockers”, Staind, are back releasing more dull uninspired rock music, but not only that, you’re going to have to sit through a dull uninspired video to accompany the dull uninspired music.

Staind are currently filming a video today (Friday, July 29) for ‘Not Again’, the first single from the band’s upcoming self-titled seventh album.

In other interesting news, I walked into a door today.

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