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Not again!

How many jokes can we make out of Staind‘s Not Again? Let’s try. They played Jimmy Kimmel Live and you can see the video above. Not again! They also released the making of the last album documentary on YouTube, and you can see that after the jump. Noooo, not again! This morning in the toilet I noticed some weird looking dots on my penis. Not again!


Review: Staind – Staind

Oh noes, Staind have dun got heavy, yo’. And no, I’m not reviewing Staind twice, you’ll be happy to know, but instead their new album (out tomorrow in North America) is very originally self-titled, as the band have run out of album names, as well as musical ideas.

So first, a little history lesson for the 3 people out there that care. Basically, the first couple of (3 at a push – and a hard push at that) Staind albums were pretty heavy. And by “pretty heavy”, I mean not heavy at all. The albums in question, were never quite as shit as the shit that followed that “heavy” shit. If you get what I’m saying? So I guess after going all ‘middle of the road’ on our asses, and sales flopping more than my penis flops after seeing your mother, the band decided they need to go back to their roots for all 10 of their remaining fans. Fun times, right? Another piece of useless trivia, is that the band were discovered by Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit fame, so we have so have something else to blame him for.

So if you’re a Staind fan, make the jump off a high cliff for my exclusive review. Or if you’re just intrigued to find out if the band can pull off a ‘return to roots’ album, or have a morbid sense of humor, you may also want to check it out, as my attempts at writing are both awesome and hilarious at the same time.


Staind have made a drama film about themselves

What you see above is the trailer for a brand new film documenting the process of the making of Staind‘s latest, self-titled album. I was actually kind of surprised by the first half of it, because they speak openly about how they’ve turned into 3 Doors Down after Break the Cycle and their wish to heavy it up for the new one. Not that I think anyone cares about that kind of heaviness anymore, but hey, nice for the three people that remember Dysfunction.

The second part of the clip though, it sounds like some badly produced drama, where the director wanted to create tension by dropping “fuck” and “fucking” all around. In case you give a fuck, check back tomorrow because they will be posting the full documentary on YouTube to coincide with the release of the album.

Source: ThePRP


The Weekly Playlist: Better the devil you know

This week the UK has suffered some of the worst riots in recent history. Opportunist thuggery, or the lashing out of a group of people, excluded from society as a result of political and societal elitism. After all, it was Thatcher that taught us that society does not exist. Now is the time people turn to answers for why this happened, and it’s not something I can honestly condemn. Dismissing the last days as mindless violence is futile and will never get us to the root of the problem. Is it a lack of God in today’s Britain (fuck off), a breakdown of family unity, or the reaction to what is essentially a continuous swap between two parties that are nothing but different shades of shit, both of which support the same agenda?

I can’t pretend I have the answers, but what I do have is some honest reviews of some new music. So if you are sick of hearing about riots, sick of hearing from quasi-intelligent individuals discussing the alleged problems and answers to the world’s problems, why don’t we unite in listening to some kick ass Metal? And if that isn’t enough, we can also mock the shit out of some crappy ass music too.


Staind fans are lucky

Dear all seven of Staind’s existing fans,

You guys are pretty damn lucky. Ok, so your taste in music is questionable, but that aside, you’ll all be pleased to hear the band’s upcoming self-titled “return to roots” (aka regressing) album, will be available in a special edition CD/DVD digipack.

So if you feel like paying double the price for the same shitty album, you’ll no doubt be rejoicing right now. Blabbermouth have more details. I’m too busy listening to real music to give a crap.

In other news, Dose of Metal writer, Mark, was arrested earlier today in UK riots for beating a dead horse.

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