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Germany, O Germany

Today is a German national holiday, the German unity day. As an American, listening to the German national anthem, you might think to yourself “FUCKING NAZIS,” but as a German I’m pretty proud right now.

No, I’m not. I honestly couldn’t care less. But I might aswell use this holiday as an excuse to post about German metal.

So, without further ado, make the jump to listen to some quality metal.


Sodom returns

Sodom are back hungry and ready to release their upcoming new album, “In War And Pieces,” on November 23, 2010.

Word on the street that they are going back to the “roots” and will continue to have the “old school” sound.    So, I guess that means the album will sound like every Sodom album since 1986.

For more info on Sodom, plus the album cover, click here

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