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Tuesday Trivia: Long, longer, longest


Last week, I promised you guys a proper metal trivia. Well, here we are, I’m almost past my deadline, and I needed to figure out something fast. So, where do I turn in times like these?

Easy, Manowar. They’re easy enough to take a cheap uninteligable laugh at, they’re metal enough to make your average metalhead happy, and they have plenty of trivia for me to exploit. So, make the jump, and beware, the following article makes plenty use of the following words: Manowar, long, longer, longest and coming. See, its writing itself.


Tuesday Trivia: It really whips the llama’s ass

A llama, bitches

This week’s Tuesday Trivia deals with a band, a computer program, and two animated series. You’re probably starting to figure out by the post title, but in case you’re not a geek, make the jump. And yeah, what the fuck does a llama have to do with metal? Well, DoM works in mysterious ways, just read on.


No more Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero

No, this is not an editorial on the sad fact that guitar gods are endangered species. It’s about your favorite video game! Well, guess what? You won’t be playing a new one this year, because Activision have announced plans to scrap the latest Guitar Hero title.

“Oh no, but what can I possibly spend the hard earned money my parents gave me on, if I can’t buy a new game which is essentially a rehash of the previous five and could have easily been offered as a free or affordable download pack if Activision wasn’t a greedy evil company in the first place? Wait, I know, I’ll buy a new Rockband game instead!”

Tough luck kiddo, because Rockband is on the same path. The path of going nowhere, that is. So it’s not really a path at all…

So listen to your uncle Simo. There are pros and cons to the Guitar Hero games, but this year, you could consider buying a real guitar for that money, you know. Just a thought. God knows I wish I spent less money on games and more on porn magazines when I was a kid.


My thoughts on: Korn


Once upon a time, in what seems a parallel, reverse universe today, before Fieldy had only three functioning brain cells, back when Munky actually tricked us into believing he can play guitar, way before Jonathan sounded like a broken record, and when they were actually a proper band, not the Jonathan Davis Experience they are for the most part today, Korn were actually a good band.

A great one? Metal? Not the discussion here. But the latest news on them (already) planning a new, Soundgarden influenced album have made me want to revisit Korn, and see what the hell made them one of my favorite bands in the first place. There, I said it.


Tuesday Trivia: Heavy metal shootout

Tank... It's metal, get it?

This week’s Tuesday Trivia is inspired by the recent tragic shootings in Tuscon, Arizona. When I say inspired, don’t worry, this post isn’t my manifesto on doing something similar because I watched this on TV and it made me do it. No, the voices in my head are drowned out by all the loud music I play.

By now you’ve probably figured out what I’m talking about. Bang bang.

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