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Tuesday Trivia: Metal trivia board game


This week for Tuesday Trivia I have a short, meta and pretty kickass “Did you know?” for you guys (and that one girl from Thailand).

Make the jump!


Fuck winter. Metal is coming!

Besides the fact I stole the pun from the top rated YouTube comment of this video (which means I read YouTube comments, which means I’m kinda fucked in the head), I just had to use an opportunity to profess my love for Game of Thrones on this website.

There you have it, the intro tune for the show re-done by some bro on guitars and labeled metal. Neither is the clip that interesting, nor is it that new, but I still enjoyed it, and hey, I write for this website and you don’t, so shut the fuck up. And if there’s a slim chance you’re not familiar with Game of Thrones, let me break it down for you — it’s like Lord of the Rings, except for straight people. Oh no he din’t!


Stage at Pukkelpop Festival fell down, three people reported dead

I wish this was just a funny way of saying that 30 Seconds To Mars are breaking up or something (coincidentally, they are playing this festival), but unfortunately, this is real. A storm crashed a stage at Belgium’s Pukkelpop Festival, and latest reports indicate at least three people have died, and 71 got injured as the result.

Not much to do or say but pay our respects to the unfortunately deceased… R.I.P.


Tuesday Trivia: Anarchy in the UK (and guns in the US of A)

In Flames

Here at Dose of Metal we are not only musical. We are also socially aware. That’s why we’re devoting this week’s Tuesday Trivia to the recent UK rioting.

It’s a horrible thing that’s happening there right now. The youth of the country is facing so many problems, it was evident at one point riots would errupt.

Here’s a breakdown of the reasons for the recent protests:

  • Some people apparently couldn’t install 50+ Mb internet in their suburban London districts. Shameful.
  • Playstation Network was down for over a month. The rage built up, in the meantime kids started live action streetfighting.
  • Local scene shop ran out  of hairdryers. All the scene kids shaved their heads in protest and turned skinhead over night.
  • New Limp Bizkit album made a divide between the metal and rap crews. Shootouts were inevitable.
  • People started getting aggravated due to long queues for iPad 2 and white iPhone 4.

In case you didn’t figure it out, I’m being fucking sarcastic. This is the most shameful shit Britain’s seen in ages, downright looting, and it’s hurting legitimacy of, you know, real protests in the real world, with real problems.

What does this have to do with metal? Well, you know the drill. Jumpdafuckup.


Back when they were still good

I stumbled on this video, and for a moment felt like sharing it as ‘Back when they were still good: Sepultura,’ but then I remembered that Sepultura is still fucking awesome in my book. So, why post it? Just look at the crowd. Compare that to any clip you’ll find today with a bunch of tweens capturing the memory of the show they’re in on their precious iPhones. What the fuck will you recall when you look at those clips when you watch them afterwards? How you’ve spent the night standing like a zombie and looking at the show through a fucking cellphone?

Compare that to the clip above: Show takes place at something that looks like an abandoned warehouse. Metal? Check. Crazy circle pit that doesn’t stop for 7+ minutes of this video? Check. Crazy wreckless head stagediving? Check. Bunch of Mexicans creating fucking memories? Check.

Sure, there weren’t any cellphones to tape with back then, but… fuck you. You still look like a tool.

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