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OMG Sikth got themselves a Facebook page!11!


Is it a slow Saturday, or what? No, the news actually is that — Sikth SikTh registered a Facebook page FacEboOk paGe.

The reason it’s news is that the band doesn’t exist anymore. According to the info on the page, they’re only meeting the demand for official merchandise, but they left the opportunity for a reunion open.

And yes, theres un finished business. We will be back! We all feel a collective rage at the lack of uniqueness in Metal and feel we still offer something important. We are also confident that we haven’t reached our ‘St Anger’ stage of losing all perspective yet ;-). But a reunion won’t happen for a while!

Haha, they even dropped St. Anger in there, kudos. Make sure to check out their page, maybe buy some merch, who knows, if they sell enough shirts they might make the reunion a real deal after all.


Tuesday Trivia: Got djent?

Got djent?

Yeah, got djent? Do you even know what the fuck djent is? Well, read on and find out.


Whiplash get Sikth

New Jersey Thrash Metallers Whiplash have, apparently, once again parted ways with the group’s original drummer, Tony Scaglione. He rejoined the band all the way back in December 2010, so let’s be fair, he has been back in the band a while now… A whole month.

Whiplash have announced that Tony‘s replacement is Dan Foord, once drummer for the U.K.-based metal band Sikth.


Got a few minutes?

Observant readers of DoM may notice that I kind of bum Sikth; an awesome (well, in my opinion) Math-Metal band that sadly disbanded far too early. So of course I’ve been keeping my eye on what the guys have been doing since. Guitarist Pin obviously went on to recently form a new band, known as Aliases, which are very much a similar sort of band to Sikth.

And now, vocalist Justin Hill and guitarist Dan Weller have started their own band, known as Minutes. The band have one song available via their Myspace, check it out here.

I was actually expecting another similar band, but Minutes aren’t even Metal. They’re kind of straight catchy rock from the sounds of it. Check ’em out and see what you think.


Iron Sikth

Perhaps one of the more bizarre stories I’ve heard recently, apparently members of Iron Maiden and former Math-Metal monsters, Sikth have joined forces to form a brand new supergroup, along with some bands I’ve never heard of.

According to Metal Hammer, the new band will consist of *deep breath*Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith (pictured above), Sikth vocalist, bassist and drummer Mikee W. Goodman, James Leach and Dan Foord, Murder One guitarist Dan Marshall and Vacant Stare keyboardist James Manning. The supergroup are going by the name of The Primal Rock Rebellion.

The band have have a live date booked for Saturday, January 15 in High Wycombe at Bucks Student Union according to this site.

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