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Dose of Hardcore

So this week, I shall be giving you a nice dosage of Hardcore. No, I’m not talking about Hardcore pr0n, although I must admit, do like my fair share of that. Yeah I know what you’re thinking, but I’m no sexist. I love sex and I love women. Hence my taste for pr0n and the image above.

So what Harcore am I talking about? Well the music of course. Not Hardcore Trance (is there anything lamer?), but the genre of music that formed from the emerging Hardcore Punk bands of the 80’s to aggressive Hardcore bands of the 90s, to the Metalcore acts of the 2000s.

It’s a controversial genre, especially in Metal circles, but this week I shall be offering you 5 tracks that not only shaped the Harcore genre, but that are also damn awesome songs.

Get your Hardcore dose after the jump my friends.

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