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Why producers are assholes

I have written about Shining before and since that day, I got more and more into this band. I’d rather call them an Extreme Metal band than a Black Metal band but maybe that’s just me, because I’m ignorant or something. Who knows? Who cares?

On to the news. Shining’s 7th studio album, ‘VII: Född Förlorare’ (eng. ‘Born Loser’), has been delayed several times, after it was recorded 2 years ago. Niklas Kvarforth, singer and mainman behind Shining, now issued a statement regarding the mixing limbo the album has been in.

“As everyone is more than aware, ‘Shining VII’ has been delayed an unacceptably long time. There have been a lot of rumours as to why this should be, so we have decided to set the record straight once and for all.

Despite the fact that the album was recorded two years ago, it has still not been mixed. Our producer has been concentrating on recording other artists instead of finishing the job on ‘Shining VII’. This is despite the fact that Indie Recordings has put up a lot of money to get the album finished and has supported our efforts in every way possible. It is not Shining’s fault and it is not Indie Recordings’ fault that the album still has not appeared, and I am sure you will understand when we say that nobody wants this album released more than ourselves and Indie. Rest assured that we will be taking steps to ensure that it appears sooner rather than later.”

Sounds stupid? Well, it is stupid. Just get someone else to mix it? Nay?


Pain is inspiration (A shining view on Black Metal)

Recently, while looking for “new” music for me to discover, I came across Shining, a Swedish Black Metal band. Black Metal from Scandinavia, that’s not too exciting now, is it? No yet but read on. I mainly checked them out because according to several sources, one of their main influences was Strid, a band I covered, among others, just yesterday in an article.

Strid are commonly recognised as the creators of Depressive Black Metal and Shining take that even further. How? Read on after the jump for stories about self-mutilation, hoping for people to committ suicide and more (most probably not safe for work).

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