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One Cavalera doesn’t want a Sepultura reunion

I don’t think there’s a band that I’ve written more about than Sepultura and usually it wasn’t even about their music but about Max Cavalera talking and talking (and talking) about a reunion of the classic Sepultura line-up, Andreas Kisser not wanting to reunite with the Cavalera’s, just to change his mind a couple of weeks later. It got so tiring that I simply stopped reading Sepultura news.

There’s another Cavalera who didn’t speak out about the situation though, and that’s Max’s brother Igor. That’s until recently when he was interviewed by Loud Magazine;

“Me and Max playing together, that’s the reunion. Out of all the other people who passed through Sepultura, that’s what I consider to be the reunion. I don’t see why there needs to be other people in on it. I’m more than happy to have what I have right now. I don’t need any other kind of reunion.”

Read the whole interview here.

Thank you! Finally someone with a right mindset. I hope that’s finally it and everyone else (I’m looking at you, Max!) stops talking about it.


Friday Top 10: Heavy metal soap operas

Heavy metal. The genre which you’d think that uses fists and bad ass guitar show-offs to settle differences. Well, no luck there. Especially with the rise of the internet, following certain events makes you want to grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy your daily dose of soap. Therefore, this week’s Top 10: Heavy metal soap operas.

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Ian out, Kisser in

Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser, you know the guy who can’t make up his mind, will be replacing Scott Ian for eight Anthrax shows in July.

Why? Because Scott Ian and his wife, Meat Loaf’s daughter Pearl Aday, are expecting their first baby. As a representative of Dose of Metal, I want to congratulate Ian’s sperm.


Sepultura finish another album. Without Max.

Poor old Max, he has wanted a Sepultura reunion since, like, forever, despite claiming he doesn’t need one (insert the image of me rolling my eyes – actually don’t, too ugly). Despite him mentioning the possibilities of a reunion about 452,001 times last year, it seems Sepultura have just finished recording a new album, as their current line-up. I.e. Without him.

According to Blabbermouth, 13 tracks have been recorded during the sessions, including cover versions of Ministry‘s Just One Fix and The Prodigy‘s Firestarter, both of which are likely to be available as bonus tracks on various special-edition releases. You can also expect that Firestarter cover to be absolutely awful. Well, we’ll see… Could be worse though, they could be covering U2 again *shudder*

The, as yet, untitled album is expected for release in May this year. Is Sepultura still Sepultura without Max? Well, put it this way. Sex without my girlfriend is still sex. Okay, so I haven’t quite got round to telling her yet that I’m sleeping with someone else, but the point still stands. Is the sex better or worse? Well that’s for a different discussion.


How To: Write a song like Max Cavalera

Max Cavaler

Anyone can write a Max Cavalera song. Read on to see how easy it is.

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