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Dose of protest

Again, keeping with today’s theme, I was thinking of other stuff I could post, and it led me to metal protest songs. I guess you could pick from a variety of themes (not like metal isn’t abundant in “fuck yous,” especially in the religious department) and bands, but I went with Sepultura.

For some maybe surprisingly, but to me this band always had a dose of subtlety to their political songs, mostly because they never went so far as to tell you what to do or think, or explicitly say which side to take, unlike, I don’t know, probably the most obvious choice, Rage Against The Machine (talking about the feeling I get when listening said bands, don’t take this as fact, dumbass).

Slave New World seemed fitting for today, so enjoy it, and don’t forget: FIGHT THE POWAH! BRING THA SYSTEM DOWN! ALWAYS QUESTION AUTHORITY!!1!!!!1


Anyone wanna listen to Derrick Green talk for 30 minutes?

That’s almost as long as Sepultura’s set at the Devil Side Festival, three years ago in my hometown. I’d rather listen to Green sing for 30 minutes but if this is your thing, go for it. First part above, second part after the jump.

Kind of related to the topic, how awesome is it when we use Youtube videos to start a post, instead of a dumb picture? It’s like a picture but it’s clickable. And it fucking moves! And it has sounds! Priceless. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll check if you can do the same with Youporn videos. Don’t expect me to post that though. I’ll be too busy for that.


Sepultura change a band member. World yawns.

It’s happened, the very unstable lineup of Sepultura lived to see another change — drummer Jean Dollabela has left the band in order to pursue solo projects, and will be replaced by a 20-year-old “drum prodigy” Eloy Casagrande (video of him performing a solo can be seen above).

Hey, at least there’s no drama this time around, right? According to Dollabella, the split was on good terms:

I wish all the best for Sepultura and I’m very happy and excited with my new path.

From now on I’ll focus on my work as a musician, producer and music teacher in São Paulo. I’ll keep working on my project with Indireto [the Brazilian experimental project featuring Dolabella and Scarceus guitarist Augusto Nogueira] and others that are already coming along.

And Andreas Kisser had the following to say:

The period we spent with Jean in the band was very positive. We’ve recorded two great albums together and did a lot of concerts which will be in Sepultura‘s history. We only have reasons to thank him for his contribution and energy all these years.

Aaaw, how nice of them. Now let’s wait for Max to use this opportunity to push for the reunion once again. In the meantime, I watched the video of Eloy playing, and you can safely remove the quotation marks from drum prodigy. Kid’s got skills.


Sepultura: The Movie

Starring Alec and Billy Baldwin as the infamous Cavalera brothers, this winter, family comes first. Sepultura: The Movie. Rated R.

Kidding aside, above you can see the first teaser trailer for the new Sepultura documentary (Sepulmentary?), coming soon to a computer screen near you (remember when we watched movies on TV?). For more info, don’t check sepulturamovie.com because there’s absolutely nothing there.


Oh no he didn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser has a thing or two to say about Max Cavalera’s evolution as a singer (or lack thereof). I guess being asked about him over and over again, even though he left the band in 1996, can get a brother irritated:

“Soulfly has had so many different formations, so you lose kind of a characteristic sound there. Of course, Max and his vocals is what it is. I mean, he’s been writing the same stuff over and over again. And in that sense I don’t think he has really evolved too much. When working with different musicians all the time it’s kind of hard to have a characteristic sound or try to do something original. And then with Cavalera Conspiracy, it’s weird to think that he can really work songs like that with just like a drummer there. So I don’t really see the partnership that they’re going. It’s just like a bunch of Max songs that have a different drummer. But, you know, it is what it is.

Read full interview here.

Oh snap! Ya done did it, son. You just done got Max Cavalera all mad now, ya feel me? Just wait till Max unleashes an all caps rage on yo ass in the press, son… Whaaat?

I have no idea why I’ve gone all street on you, nor do I know if that’s borderline racism (fingers crossed), but yeah, it’s a pretty direct thing to say. I guess playing a few Big Four gigs got Andreas some new-found balls, eh?

When asked about Andreas’ comments, Max Cavalera had no comment. He did utter some noise, but no one understood what he had to say.

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