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Rush got advice for you


Are you in a small and unknown band? Want a long and fruitful career? Geddy Lee of Rush is spilling some beans of wisdom for you.

“It’s easier if you’re a three-piece and you stay alive,” Lee said.

Wow, no shit. I don’t think dying ever helped anyone get more successful, except 2Pac maybe. I recommend you write that down just in case, make sure not to OD, and sack any fourth or fifth band members you might have, then write me back in 30 yeas and tell me if the advice worked for you.


Living in the limelight

Geddy Lee, who happens to be lead vocalist and bass player for Canada’s best rock band Rush, recently sat down with Brazil’s TV UOL for an in-depth interview, which included information regarding their upcoming new album.

You want the video?  Click click!

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