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Friday Top 10: Best metal songs of all time

Yes, that’s right! We’re doing it. This Friday’s Top 10 is all about metal… But not just any metal… The best metal songs of all time.

After weeks of deliberation, this is what we came up with and I think you’ll be pretty satisfied with the list.

So what are you waiting for? Make the jump… Now.


Blast from the Past: Dio – The Collection (2003)

Normally I like to stray away from “greatest hits” or “best of” albums, mainly because A – They’re often cheaply put together label bullshit to make a quick buck and B – I’m a complete Obsessive Compulsive nerd that needs to own full albums, and not crappy collections consisting of random songs. I’m basically an album whore, which is why itunes and buying odd songs will never appeal to me. Ever.

So what made me recently buy Dio – The Collection? Well I can never pass up a bargain, and when I walked into my local CD shop to find this on the shelves at a mere $4.50, I couldn’t pass it up. Besides, it’s fucking Dio!

Read on after the jump to see my review of this collection. Will it be crap? Or will it be a surprisingly awesome collection of Dio‘s greatest music? To be continued…. After the jump.


The fallen heroes

Revolver‘s January issue has one of the greatest covers ever. It portrays some of metal’s biggest heroes, who sadly left this world a bit too early.

The drawing is by J.G. Jones and it depicts Ronnie James Dio, Peter Steele, Dimebag, Cliff Burton and Randy Rhoads amongst others.

You can buy the issue and a special Dimebag commemorative coin here. Full cover after the jump.


Tuesday Trivia: The one where we couldn’t avoid Christmas

Evil Santa

…and decided that if we can’t beat them, we should join them. Christmas can be metal. Make the jump and find out why.


Friday Top 10: The year 2010 in metal


2010. Not as good as 2001, but still okay. Can you believe the year is coming to and end? I barely can. And then I got the job to compile a list of the most important things that happened this year. When I say the most important, I mean the most important in metal. No matter what your mom tells you, nothing is more important than metal.

Make the jump to see what made the list, and bitch about the things that haven’t.

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