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Sol Invicto can do metal

Remember Sol Invicto? They’re, from what I can gather, some sort of electro band (I’ve only heard of metal – so forgive me if I have that wrong) that contains a few members of Cypress Hill, Steph of Deftones fame, and Richie Londres who is the coolest member by default, because we interviewed him and he comments on our posts.

A few people (not us obviously, we’re all down with that electro stuff) were a little concerned that there was a lack of solos, double tapping and blastbeats, but fear not, because yesterday Sol Invicto linked to a piece of music they had composed that contained guitars – yes, actual guitars! You can watch the clip above (taken from a 2010 Gumball 3000 movie trailer).

Ok, so there’s no solos, no double tapping and no blast beats (or pig squeels), but you can take comfort in the fact it’s probably better than anything Korn is doing right now. The song will apparently be on Initium III – which isn’t porn, so I have no idea what it is.

For more on Sol Invicto, check out their Facebook page and official site. It’s not as good as porn, but definitely better than Korn.


Interview: Richie Londres (Sol Invicto)

Sol Invicto

Two weeks ago I covered news of Sol Invicto‘s first EP being released. Little did I know, that the article would attract attention of none other than one of the members of the band, Richie Londres.

Only thing I could do at that moment (besides counting my blessings it wasn’t Stephen who saw it) was to ask for an interview. Richie was once again very cool about it, and as a result, you get quite a read if I may say so. We talked about a lot of things, from Sol Invicto, metalheads’ point of view on electronic music, trends in music and music industry, to me not being able to visit the West Coast any more without looking over my shoulder.

All in all, you’re up for a treat, so make the jump.

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