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Shh! There’s a secret in Down!

Apparently there’s more to Rex’s departure from Down than what he said. Something ‘personal’ happened between them, but they don’t want to talk about it.

I know, two former Pantera members split and they aren’t trashing each other in the press? What the hell is wrong with these people?


It’s really a two-part thing. Part one is that it really kind of ran its course. Part two is kinda personal. I’ll anser any fucking thing you wanna ask me, but certain things are personal. But I spoke to Rex for 45 minutes at the end of last week, and he’s sounding great. […] He’s still a great, great friend.

Said Kirk “140 characters or less” Windstein. I wonder what Phil had to say. Good thing this is text and not video, cause it would have taken him ages to respond. Anyway…

Rex is a brother of mine, and we made somewhat of a pact that we would not tread on each other in various interviews. So I’m gonna stick with what is the truth: that he had different ideas about what a band should be.

Read full article here.

So they’re both keeping it quiet? Then it’s anyone’s guess, really. My guess is: Rex and Phil were playing Snap. Phil obviously took 5 minutes each time to yell “Snap!,” making Rex the winner all the time. Phil got annoyed, shit hit the fan.

When asked for a comment, Phil said “Mmm….” and then took 10 minutes to finish the sentence.


Rex has no beef with anyone in Down, yo

Even though Rex quit Down and got into another band, apparently there’s no animosity between them.

There’s no animosity there whatsoever; I talk to Philip all the time. It was [time for a] change, man. I met the Kill Devil Hill guys and it was time for a change — for me, musically. And that’s the way it down.

Read full article here.

Good, keep it that way. Phil’s been in enough feuds with former bandmembers, no need for a new one.

Glad I’ve seen Down live with Rex though. 1/2 of Pantera, can’t go wrong with that.


Why Rex quit Down and joined another band

Rex Brown quit Down, made a lot of fans frown. But at least he’s not Armenian, like System of a Down.

Sorry, I have my poetry class on Sunday, and I need practice.

Watch an interview with Rex’s new band, Kill Devil Hill. Apparently the main reason for his departure is him being around Anselmo for too long, at least that’s how it sounds:

I was playing with Down a whole bit and I just kind of got tired of the… You know, Philip and I had been together 23 years. And when I first met these guys in January of this year, when I walked in and we played in the rehearsal room, it just clicked.

Oh, okay. Thought it was because of the injury or something. At least I got to see Down live with Rex still in the lineup. That sort of makes up for my never seeing Pantera live  — at least I saw half of it.

Good luck to Rex’s new band, I guess.

Source: Blabbermouth


Rex has quit…

Answer the question correctly and win an awesome prize.

Former Pantera, current Down bassist Rex Brown has quit:

a) smoking
b) wearing long hair
c) playing bass
d) Arms Of The Sun

Think you know the answer? Make the jump and find out if you’re right.


No Pantera Reunion

Former Pantera, current Down, bassist Rex Brown recently did an interview with Sonic Excess.

The most interesting part in said interview was when the interviewer asked Rex what his thoughts were on a Pantera reunion and Brown said:

“I just don’t see it happening. It would be great in one factor, that we would play with Vinnie again and that it would be all sorted out. But, I think it would be… I just don’t think it would be right without Dime. It was only the four of us, and I don’t know anybody that can play like him.”

Read the entire interview here.

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