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Brian May and The Darkness sitting in a tree…

Brian May, of Queen fame, performed with The Darkness, of ‘being queens’ fame.

The video of the performance is there, but I wouldn’t end my year with that image in my head, if you know what I mean.



Brian May has tapes of Freddie and Michael Jackson

Brian May apparently has tapes of Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson together. This can be really great or really gross, depending if you’re Rob Halford or not.

There is a couple of very interesting tapes with Freddie singing with Michael Jackson that we’re looking at. Those kind of things we can work on together and it’s nice that in a sense Freddie is still involved in it.

Read full article here.

Let’s hope ‘singing’ really means singing and isn’t a homoerotic euphemism. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…


Queen performs at the EMAs

The legendary Queen (or what’s left of it) have performed a medley on this year’s European Music Awards in Belfast. Unfortunately, they still haven’t figured out a way to resurrect dead people, so no second coming of God Freddy Mercury for now. Instead, they’ve had help from an American Idol finalist, Adam Lambert.

I know what you’re thinking, so let me beat you to it:

1) The guy looks like a crossover of a goth chick and Elvis Presley


2) Dude can sing. I mean, we can make fun of American Idol all we want, but the guy obviously has a strong voice.

Which finally leads me to

3) Hoping they keep this a “one off” type of a deal and don’t get any crazy ideas.

You can watch the video of the performance above, thanks to Blabbermouth for the heads up.


William SHAT on another classic song

After ruining a metal classic, William Shatner felt the need to go for another classic song which appeals to many more people, probably because he thought insulting just metalheads simply wasn’t enough.

If you have the stomach, watch the video for his cover of Queen‘s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

To say that Mr. Mercury is rolling in his grave would be a huge understatement.


Weak Recap: Pop a recap in yo ass, fool

Yo yo. From the slums of Shaolin, Dose of Metal strikes again!

We from the streets, yo. Break yo’self!

This Sunday, takin’ on the events of last week, straight from the ghetto — word up.

Sorry guys, just really tired and uninspired, so I went with a ‘street’ approach, just to relate to hip-hop fans who might be magically lost here. Make the jump and see what happened this week.

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