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More Dimebash info

Rumor had it that Phil Anselmo was gonna perform at Dimebash, apparently he isn’t. Blabbermouth confirms it saying he’s ‘sick.’

The planned setlist looks amazing though, so make the jump and read it, and also check out some photos.


Phil Anselmo to appear at Dimebash?

As we reported earlier this week and last week, Dimebash 2010 is going to be held tomorrow in West Hollywood, Carlifornia and it’s going to be filmed for a future DVD release aswell.

Slayer’s Kerry King, who will appear at Dimebash revealed that Phil Anselmo, former Pantera singer and Dimebag bandmate, is going to appear aswell. King said:

Rita’s [Haney, Dimebag’s longtime girlfriend] busting my balls to do it, and I told her I would if she got me a real singer,” Kerry said. “‘Cause you never know who’s gonna show up. So she goes, ‘Phil Anselmo [Pantera, Down], Chuck Billy [Testament], Robb Flynn [Machine Head]… Are those good enough?’ And I’m, like, ‘Fuck, I’ll do it with any one of those guys.’ But I’m gonna see her tonight. I haven’t committed, but I guess she committed me. [Laughs] Oh, Dave’s [Lombardo, Slayer drummer] doing it, for sure. But I’m pretty sure I’ll do it.”

Read more here and watch the video of the Interview after the jump.


Phil just got his Christmas present

If you’re asking this to yourself right now:Gee, I wonder what Phil Anselmo would look like opening his Christmas presents and then realizing it’s not what he wanted, but he has to pretend it’s cool for the sake of his parents’ feelings then my oh my, you’re in luck.

Check out a video of Phil opening up the “Ultimate Edition” of ‘Cowboys from Hell,’ which will be in stores November 22nd for all the Pantera fans who will still waste pay good money for basically the same album they got 20 years ago. After the jump.


Phil is honest

Phil Anselmo’s been in a million bands, but he will always be associated mainly with Pantera, and he knows that, so he talks about them all the time.

But fair is fair, at least he’s admitting his own mistakes, unlike my ex-girlfriend who still denies doing German scheisse porn even though her (literally) shitty antics are captured on HD video and streamed on the internet. “It’s fake. It’s CGI” she said when I questioned her. “Yeah right, if by CGI you mean Cock Gagging Interaction” was my quirky answer that got me slapped in the face. I still love her though.

I said some ridiculous things in the press back in the day. I admit it. But I put myself in that position, so I’m not gonna blame anyone else. I know that everything I did yesterday is etched in stone, but it doesn’t faze me. All I can do is the right thing today. mumbled Phil.

Read more about it here.

If I can be serious for a second, Phil is not the only frontman to say a lot of ‘ridiculous things’ in the press, but he’s one of the few who will own up to it. I respect that. I wish other redheaded frontmen would stop blaming the press and start being honest.


Philip Krueger and Walt Disney

Phil Anselmo of Down, Pantera and a million other bands knows his horror films. Not as much as he knows his <insert drug here> but let’s not make stupid jokes. However, his main inspiration was apparently Walt Disney. What?

Recently, he sat down with none other than horror actor Bill Moseley to talk about God knows what cause I didn’t really read the interview. I did read the first question though, and it sparked my interest (not enough to read the whole thing, though, sorry)

Believe it or not, the most influential album for me—when I was just a mere shrimp—was Walt Disney’s Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House. It was side 2. The first side is a narration. It goes into this wind and howling banshees! I kept the whole house up with it. I lived in the French Quarter, and there was music everywhere, but that one record with all the shrieks and groans was it for me. As a kid, I’d be imitating that stuff. I think that’s where I started using my voice.” — read the full interview here.

When asked if he puts on a blond wig and sings as Hannah Montana in weekends, Phil had no comment.

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