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Phil's one man band

Here’s the stuff Phil can do: sing, play guitar, play bass, hug dogs.
Here’s the stuff Phil can’t do: form a coherent phrase, keep a constant pitch in his voice while talking, blink normally.

Luckily, his new album will only require those things he can do, as it’s not a motivational album or anything.

Hellbound: Will you be handling the rest of the parts of the album? Playing guitar, singing and playing bass as well?

Phil: I’d say about 99%, for sure. I might have a couple of guys do some leads. I’m nothing great at leads, I’m kind of creative with themes but as a lead guitar player I’m pretty God-awful! Depending on the music, you know, I’m thinking this particular project might call for someone with a little more lead guitar talent.

Read full interview here.

When asked if the dog will have anything to do with the album itself, Phil had no comment. He just emulated a bark. Or maybe that was his answer, who knows anymore?


Why Anselmo didn't appear at Dimebash

Last month Dimebash 2010 took place in Hollywood and rumor had it that Phil Anselmo was going to perform, he didn’t though. He was ‘sick,’ according to Blabbermouth.

Personally, I thought it was bullshit and that the rumor simply wasn’t true, but Rita Haney, Dimebag Darrell’s former Girlfriend now admited that Anselmo was indeed supposed to perform but he was seriously ill.

Apparently he and Haney finally buried the hatchet and hoped to do that publically at Dimebash, which was a success and I think, it would have been a really nice thing, especially considering that it was taped for a DVD release. Oh well, maybe next year.

Watch a video of Haney talking about Anselmo and Dimebash with Artisan News after the jump.


Anselmo could walk through walls

Philip Anselmo‘s been in so many bands that maths isn’t advanced enough to keep track of. However, there’s one band he keeps mentioning all the time… And it’s — you guessed it — Pantera.

Man, we were Supermen; we were made of rubber. We could bounce off the ground, we could walk through walls. We had this regional scene in the DFW area that was monstrous, man. We built this following that was insane, man. said Phil while crying.

Watch interview after the jump.

Cocaine’s a hell of a drug. Huh huh huh.


Vinnie is fucking hostile

Vinnie Paul doesn’t want anything to do with either Phil or Rex, so let’s not expect a Pantera reunion any time soon. Can we at least expect better facial hair?

I have my own personal reasons for not wanting to deal with themsaid Vinnie while eating.

Video after the jump.

I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling Dime wouldn’t have wanted these guys to still fight each other after his death. Oh well, speaking of Dimebag, photos from ‘Dimebash 2010’ can be found here and here.


Phil the villain

Phil isn’t a fan of Pantera‘s “Behind The Music.” He says it’s biased and makes him look like a villain…

Pantera was a bristling, fantastic, big fucking thing, man. We were on top of the world whilst our entire reign of heavy metal; no one besting us. Those are some fantastic memories in there. The whole story isn’t about Darrell‘s death, that’s what I wanna say, man. There’s a whole lot of good they seemed to leave out. And they portrayed me as this villain.

Watch interview after the jump.

Speaking of VH1 shows though, Phil also got interviewed on “That Metal Show” and you can also watch a clip of that after the jump.

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