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Phil Anselmo is really famous

Phil Anselmo was in Pantera. That is enough credibility in the metal community to get you godlike status. It’s no surprise that other musicians get excited when they meet him.

When Mike Martin of All That Remains met him, however, he acted like a little girl (his words, not mine) and maybe that’s a bit much…

I’m like a giddy little girl still from just taking a picture with him. I was so excited. I’ve been paying attention to that guy since I was ten years old, so just to see him standing ten feet away from him, I was [in awe]. He was really cool; he was like, ‘Let’s have a beer after.’ I was like, ‘OK. I’ll be back.’ So I’m gonna be that guy later on, ‘Remember, you said you’d have a beer.’

Watch interview after the jump.

I do know what he means. I also met a band I’ve been listening to since I was a small kid and it was a bit surreal seeing them in flesh and bones, shaking my hand and talking to me. It is weird and exciting at the same time. Little giddy school girl I was not, though… At least I’m saying this now to seem manly.


Phil takes one for the team…

Phil Anselmo got hit in the head by Pepper Keenan’s guitar during a Down show last night. He continued to perform with a bloody head. Because blood is metal.

Dave “Snake” Sabo (who?) reported this via Twitter:

Holy shit! Pepper Keenan just hit Anselmo in the head w/ his gtr by accident & busted Philips head open! Blood all over the place! But they keep going!! Fucking awesome!

Read full tweet here.

Blabbermouth has actual photos of the incident, we didn’t want to scare the kids and just drew some blood in paint. I think our photo looks better than the real ones but hey, what can you do?




Phil Anselmo remembers Peter Steele

In January, Revolver magazine published a ‘Fallen Heroes’ issue about legendary musicians that died and it included a bit of Phil Anselmo, of Pantera fame, remembering Type O Negative’s Peter Steele, who died a year ago today.

At the time, Revolver didn’t print Phil’s entire text though but they decided to publish it online today. You can read that after the jump, or here. Personally, I really liked what he had to say.


Phil hearts Metallica

You gotta respect Phil for being consistent. And by consistent I mean totally inconsistent. Because a few years ago he was badmouthing Metallica over and over again, but now he considers them ‘The Rolling Stones of metal.’

The only band I can think of that will have longevity like that for heavy metal would be Metallica for sure. They’re The Rolling Stones of metal. They can if they want to, and I believe they do from the last I’ve seen of them, keep creating music; keep writing music together. They have a good time doing it and they have a massive fuckin’ following so why not do that very thing? said Phil while shaving his scalp.

Read full interview here.

One minute he’s all about this love, the next he’s fucking hostile. I wonder if that ever reflected on his music? ROFLMAOCOPTERLOLZ!!!11


Phil is also technological

Well, well, well… I just posted about one Pantera member getting all tech-geeky and shit with an iPhone app. Not to be outdone, Phil “Million Projects Man” Anselmo also uses some computer slang in a recent interview:

“UG: What about all the posers out there?

Phil: I’ll tell you the truth: you are correct. There are a lot of cut-and-paste motherfuckin’ thrash metal acts today. That is harsh but I’ll say it: there’s a lot of Exodus worship. Fine. There’s a lot of records where I can hear the first, what, 30 seconds of a song and know pretty much what I’m getting thereafter.

Read full interview here.

Smooth, Phil, real smooth. You could be a character on The Big Bang Theory.

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