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Anselmo talks about Vinnie’s ‘redneck hatred’

Phil Anselmo knows how to patch things up with an old friend. It’s common knowledge that saying they’re terrified of you and that they have ‘redneck hatreds’ is gonna bring them all back to you in a split second.

So Phil got interviewed recently, and I simply copy-pasted what I read on Blabbermouth because it just makes my work easier, and it’s not like people don’t already know I’m a ‘hack blogger,’ so let’s get right to it.

Vinnie Paul’s closed-door policy when it comes to me, that’s something he’s gonna have to ride around on his shoulders the rest of his fucking life. I know this: My door is always open, and always has been open — always has been fucking open. And it is a little frustrating when you have a loose end and you’re trying to tighten everything up. But you can’t make everybody fucking happy all of the time — you can’t.

So, Vinnie Paul, he has no effect on my life at all — no effect at all. Good job, I’ll say to Vince — you’ve hurt me. And you keep on hurting me. Great job! Where is it getting you? That’s my question to him. My door has always been wide open, and I’ll leave it at that, because I think everybody else knows the rest. It’s fucking pretty A-B-C simple. He doesn’t want to…

There is a fear in him of me. That motherfucker is so fucking terrified of me. But somewhere within that terror, somewhere within this invented — and I do say ‘invented’ — scapegoat fucking slapping redneck hatred of his, there is a love bigger than any of that fucking shit, and that’s why he’s acting the way he’s acting. So that’s that.

Read full article here. Interview here.

Wow, settle down there Phil. If I wanted to read a novel written by you, I’d pre-order your autobiography.

I do think blaming Phil for Dime’s death is a bit like blaming a surfer for a hurricane. But I remember a time when Dimebag was alive and a certain vocalist was trying to jab both him and Vinnie in the press. But on the other hand, I am positive Dimebag would have forgiven Phil, because he just seemed like a nice guy.

Why am I making assumptions about people I don’t know and scenarios I’ve never been a part of? Because I’m lame, so maybe I should just mind my own fucking business.

Pantera rules, though. \m/


Rita got interviewed

I don’t really like commenting on musician’s personal lives, cause I don’t actually know them, so it’s not really my place — but I do it anyway, because why wouldn’t I?

Vinnie and Phil haven’t spoken to each other since Pantera split up. After Dimebag’s death, Vinnie blamed Phil for it, which is fucking stupid. But nowadays Rita, Dime’s girlfriend, is forgiving Phil and is urging Vinnie to do it as all.

To be honest, I do agree that Dime would have probably forgiven Phil if he was still alive. I really doubt he wanted any animosity between Vinnie, Rex and Phil, so they should all kiss and make up and honor Dime together. That’s how I see it.

Check the interview above to see Rita agreeing with me. Can’t blame her, I’m awesome.


Phil Anselmo got interviewed

I’m not gonna lie, I consider Pantera one of the best metal bands of all time. I’ve watched their home videos countless times, Phil and Dimebag were my heroes.

But today’s Phil can barely string a sentence together. He bursts into laughter out of nowhere, he changes vocal pitch, I really have a hard time following him. I guess it’s the vegan lifestyle of orange juice and soya milk, eh?

Anyway, watch the interview above (if you can). He cites Kiss, Iron Maiden and Metallica as his influences and he talks about which instrument he prefers — the mic or the guitar.

Watch it go. Getcha’ pull.


Ghosts along the dose of metal

Phil Anselmo’s been in about 1,235 bands. But my favorite Phil band (aside from Panfuckingtera of course) has to be Down.

I don’t like all their songs but ‘Ghosts…’ is a personal favorite. Enjoy the video above.



Weak Recap: Mark your territory

Last week’s been all about Mark. He’s posted the most posts (read: all of them) because everyone else was busy. He’s taken one for the team and spent less time watching porn and more time writing for the site.

So it seems fitting that this weekend I get to interview him and ask him what he thinks on (mostly) his posts from this week.

Actually, we just have an order of interviewing each other for this self-indulgent and shitty awesome Weak Recap thing, and it just so happens that it’s Mark’s turn to be interviewed. Last week he interviewed me.

Make the jump and read the interview with the most amazing DoM writer (after myself and the other guys).

P.S. = That’s not Mark and his girlfriend above. Mark’s girlfriend is much fatter.

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