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Metal All Stars? Yes please!


Yeah baby! I’m back here to tell you that I’ll be attending one of the ‘Metal All Stars’ gigs because it’s been my dream to hear a Pantera reunion with Zakk Wylde on guitar and this seems like the next best thing as Phil and Zakk will perform some legendary Pantera tracks together.

I know I haven’t posted much lately but the possibility of hearing “Cemetary Gates” live has brought me back from retirement.

Also part of this gig: Max Cavalera, Joey Belladonna, Nick Menza, Udo, Ross The Boss and others…

It’s two months from now but I’m excited already. Poster, tour dates and press release after the jump.


Down don’t have time for a full album, and we don’t have the patience

I’m 26. What that means is that I’m still relatively young, but I’m not really young anymore. People who are my age can relate, and people who are older can probably remember. It’s a weird period of life, because you’re definitely not old, but you’re still way older than teenagers.

I talked to a girl the other day, and found out she was born in ’92. I couldn’t believe how mature she looked considering 1992, to me, feels like 10 years ago. But it’s not 10 years ago, is it? So am I turning into an old man? The same old man who doesn’t understand the new generation, and remembers how good it was in his day? The same old man I used to laugh at as a kid? Probably.

Here’s why: When I was a kid, CDs were relatively new to me, but my favorite band releasing an album meant I’d have to go to the store and find it. The search itself was part of the fun — Browsing through the letters, desperately finding the artwork I saw on TV, that was a quest, man. Then I’d get the album but I couldn’t listen to it until I got home. I mean, sure, I had a portable CD player (that was so high tech in those days), but I didn’t want to risk damaging the CD (it was a Sony Walkman, but for some reason I didn’t trust it with new discs) so I just waited until I got home.

So I get home and play the first song while I’m reading the booklet. Man, those were the days, right? I even touched on this subject in my interview with Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson.

But those days are over. Because today, people want things NOW. Not tomorrow, not when they get to the store, right now. This very instant. Doesn’t matter if they’re on their tablet taking a shit, or at work streaming porn on their smartphones. They want it all, and they want it right now. And without going into an obvious Queen pun, I have to mention that they expect it to be free, also. The world has changed, and even though I was down with technology since I was young, I still feel like a dinosaur.

How does this relate to Down and Mr. Anselmo? Read on to find out, although let’s not pretend like this bullshit rant is going anywhere.


Shh! There’s a secret in Down!

Apparently there’s more to Rex’s departure from Down than what he said. Something ‘personal’ happened between them, but they don’t want to talk about it.

I know, two former Pantera members split and they aren’t trashing each other in the press? What the hell is wrong with these people?


It’s really a two-part thing. Part one is that it really kind of ran its course. Part two is kinda personal. I’ll anser any fucking thing you wanna ask me, but certain things are personal. But I spoke to Rex for 45 minutes at the end of last week, and he’s sounding great. […] He’s still a great, great friend.

Said Kirk “140 characters or less” Windstein. I wonder what Phil had to say. Good thing this is text and not video, cause it would have taken him ages to respond. Anyway…

Rex is a brother of mine, and we made somewhat of a pact that we would not tread on each other in various interviews. So I’m gonna stick with what is the truth: that he had different ideas about what a band should be.

Read full article here.

So they’re both keeping it quiet? Then it’s anyone’s guess, really. My guess is: Rex and Phil were playing Snap. Phil obviously took 5 minutes each time to yell “Snap!,” making Rex the winner all the time. Phil got annoyed, shit hit the fan.

When asked for a comment, Phil said “Mmm….” and then took 10 minutes to finish the sentence.


Anselmo is unintelligible in Brazil

What the fuck happened to one of my metal idols? He used to be witty and funny in the early 90s, now he sounds like a damaged cellphone with bad signal.

Sorry Phil, love your work, but what the hell have you done to yourself? I can barely get through that interview, it makes me uncomfortable. I’ve squirmed less when I’ve seen ‘1 guy 1 jar.’

Part two of the interview after the jump. Also after the jump, the Phil Anselmo I want to remember.


Revolver has a cover full of rock legends — and Jonathan Davis

Hey, nice picture, right? Bet you never expected such a tall fucking photo on a post here, did you?

Anyway, Revolver decided to draw a lot of important metal legends on their new cover — then decided ‘fuck it, let’s also thrown in someone who is nu-metal for the lulz.’

Seriously, what is Jonathan Davis doing in front of Ozzy and Hetfield? That’s like Time magazine doing a ‘People of the year’ cover with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and The Situation.

Also, how come some of them are perfectly drawn, but others look nothing like whoever they’re supposed to be? Check out Anselmo (left, right behind Ozzy). The fuck?

This issue of Revolver is out now, and it has the ‘100 Greatest Living Rockstars’ list which will probably disappoint all of us. And if it says ‘living,’ why the fuck is Ozzy on it?

Life is full of mysteries.

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