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Metal Militia strikes again

Mike Starr

When I say “Metal Militia,” I actually mean cops who are busting on musicians. *queue Cops theme song*

So, we already know Paul Di’Anno will probably spend some time in prison for tax benefit frauds; last week Vince Neil started serving his 15-day sentence for DUI and speeding charges. And the latest victim of doing crimes and getting caught for it: former Alice in Chains bass player, Mike “Gangstarr” Starr. Apparently, he was caught with an illegal substance. At first we thought cops busted him with a Creed CD, but it was just unknown drugs. What will the Celebrity Rehab starr do when someone pays his $20.000 bail and he gets out? Will he appear in another season? Seriously speaking for a second, someone’s addiction isn’t anything to be laughed at, even though we’re kind of past that point already. Oh well now… Make the jump and see the mugshot.


Jailbird Di’Anno

Paul Di'Anno

Paul Di’Anno, one time singer for Iron Maiden (before they went on to look for their singers in flight schools), is going to jail.

No, he hasn’t been playing Monopoly and landed up there (btw, isn’t Monopoly the worst board game ever? It never fucking ends…) he was playing a bit more adult games.

It seems that he’s been cheating on the British taxpayers, claiming to have suffered from sciatica — some disease I probably misspelled which is essentially nerve damage to the back, which rendered him unable to play live shows, but able to collect over $67.500 in benefits. And of course, he was playing live shows all the time. Worst criminal ever.

Anyway, he pleaded guilty, and you can read more legal talk after you make the jump. Just a quick hint, this is not the first time he’s been in legal troubles — he’s been deported from the United States and hasn’t been there for almost 20 years, because he did jail time in early 90s, “for guns and drugs.”


The Iron Maidens save the day

The Iron Maidens (the World’s only all female Iron Maiden tribute band apparently) recently “saved the day” at a Paul Di’Anno (original Maiden vocalist) gig. Paul was unfortunately unable to make it to the venue due to being snowed in, but fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), The Iron Maidens just happened to be in the crowd. The girls stepped up to perform an hour and a half set along with an ex Anthrax singer. Not sure which one though, Anthrax have had about a hundred vocalists. Nah, I’m kidding, it was Neil Turbin. As in the original singer that isn’t Joey.

Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell also helped out The Maidens. It is the reported that the crowd were happy with the alterations, as this was the first time they had seen women this close up.

More info found here.


The one where we got fed up with Christmas…

Paul Di'Anno

I don’t know about you, but all this Christmas “jolly-we’re-full-of-love-this-time-of-year” started to get to me. I needed some good old metal drama to balance things out.

Luckily, metal never stops being metal, not even on Christmas. So, what do we have to report? Paul Di’Anno (whose fashion idol is Fred Durst, obviously) wants to punch anyone who trash-talks Iron Maiden in their face. We think he’s too busy punching himself right now. Meanwhile, MisfitsJerry Only (full name: Jerry Only wish I knew who) was too busy calling out Glenn Danzig’s satanic image. I guess kids aren’t as rebellious as they used to be, and he’s got albums to sell. Expect a Misfits Christmas album next year. And, speaking of nobodies living on old fame, Tarja Turunen had some live shows. Oh how I wish to be famous again… That’s all. Expect more drama now that the holidays are approaching the end.


Paul Di'Anno is awesome

If you’re only going to read one book this year, I highly suggest it be “The Beast” from Paul Di’Anno.

I’ve only read bits and pieces thus far and so far worth the read.  Violent drunk stories… guns… cocaine… ridiculous amount of groupie sex… rim jobs… being an asshole to everyone… locked inside a U.S prison and so much more.  He does everything that a true rock and roll singer is suppose to do.

Click this link if you want to purchase the book.  It’s a perfect Christmas gift for a loved one.

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