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Paradise Lost… and Found… and Found Again

Paradise Lost have released their 13th studio album on April 23. It sounds like a continuation of their attempt to go back to the roots, and a pretty gosh darned good one at that. Check out the video above and tell me it doesn’t ring the bells of “Icon” and/or “Draconian Times” in your ears.


Hammerfest UK just got better

Who knew things actually happen in North Wales, ‘ey? Well, next year’s Hammerfest IV in Prestatyn, Wales, is already shaping up to be a storm.

Viking legends Amon Amarth are the latest Metal band to be added to the already pretty damn good lineup.

The band will be joined by other “fantastic”* acts, including Anthrax, Paradise Lost, Exodus, Chimaira, Wizard, The Painted Smiles and many more bands. Hammerfest IV takes place from March 16-17, and you can find out more, including how to buy tickets, over at the official site.

*May not be the opinion of every individual.

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