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SOPA – We asked for opinions

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a very controversial subject. We found that out when we asked 20 musicians, 3 artists, 1 band manager and 1 PR agent for their opinion on the matter, and only 6 of them finally sent us a statement.

We do understand that some people don’t want to comment on the bill though. Not everyone is going to understand and agree with what these people think. They are musicians after all, not average internet users. So their opinion on the matter might split their fanbase into two camps, and we can definitely understand why they don’t want to risk that.

With that being said, with this article we’re trying to give those people a chance to speak on the matter, since they would be affected by it in different ways than most people. Five musicians (including one who is also the director of an independent record label), one artist and finally the writers of this website speak out on the Stop Online Piracy Act and piracy in general right after the jump.

Now, why would our opinion really matter? Dose of Metal and other similar music blogs rely heavily on Youtube and PR agencies distributing music for promotion purposes through one-click hosts. Without that, this site would barely be able to exist in its current form.

Musicians and other artists would face an even bigger challenge, if this bill went through. Just think of all the internet promotion they couldn’t count on anymore.

Keep all that in mind when you’re reading the rest of this story after the jump.


Interview: Anders Colsefni (Painface, ex-Slipknot)

After reading a lot about Slipknot’s Iowa lately — and many people calling it their favorite Slipknot release — I had to think about which one actually my favorite release is. If I had to choose from the Corey Taylor era, I’d definitely go with Iowa. But Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. is without a shadow of a doubt my favorite release of their entire catalogue.

This album was the only record Anders Colsefni (real name: Andrew Rouw, and it’s Colsefni – not Colsefini) released with the band. In 1996 the band intended MFKR to be their debut album. But when they signed with Roadrunner Records, and Colsefni had left the band, Slipknot from then on referred to it as a full-length demo.

To me it doesn’t really matter if it’s a demo or their debut album, MFKR is my favorite Slipknot record. With that being said, I tried to keep my eyes and ears open for anything Colsefni did after Slipknot. I enjoyed the album he did with Painface, called Fleshcraft, in 2000. And I tried to follow his work with Vice Grip Throttle but admittedly struggled to stay up-to-date with their output.

Not to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Iowa, but to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. (it was released in October of 1996) I reached out to Anders Colsefni and talked to him about Slipknot, Paul Gray’s passing, Painface and more. You can find the interview after the jump.

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