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Of Mice and Men’s new track is out

Writing for a metal website is pretty hard, if you’re in a position like my current one where you can’t blast any music because you’re in public, and you forgot your  headphones.

Instead of my very in-depth review of the track, I’ll review “Of Mice and Men” instead.

I read the book nine years ago in my English class. I can’t remember much, but I finished reading, which is something, right? There was that creepy dude with the glove, and I’ll let psychiatrists decide if it’s important that that’s the only thing that comes to my mind.

I also remember we also watched the movie in the class, which kind of made me pissed off because I could have just seen that instead of spending two and a half years reading the book and failing my sophomore year.

Oh yeah, John Malkovich plays a retard in it.

Score: 5/10.

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