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Naglfar announce new lineup – World yawns

The Black Metal mob, Naglfar, hailing from Sweden, have announced a new lineup (the above picture is of an older lineup… I would guess anyways — It’s not like I care)

Meanwhile, I’ve just replaced my bollocks with a new titanium pair and they’re fucking awesome.

For more on Naglfar‘s new lineup and less on my balls, head to Blabbermouth.


Weekly Dose of Metal: Naglfar

Naglfar are a bit of an anomaly in the Metal world, as they’re one of the only Black Metal bands that I actually really enjoy. Not that Black Metal is bad or anything, but it’s just not my favorite sub-genre of Metal. The band themselves are a Swedish Melodic Black Metal band, and stand out from many of the other Black Metal bands as they combine many of the elements found in the Melodic Death genre.

Formed in 1992, Naglfar have undergone many line-up alterations over the years. My favorite track of theirs, is Spoken Words of Venom from 2005’s Pariah, and can be heard below. It’s the live version, because the only studio version on Youtube sucked in quality.

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