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Slash and Myles Kennedy get a room

A room to record the next Solo album together in, that is, as according to an interview with The Sunday Mercury, Slash has announced that the next album will have touring vocalist, Myles Kennedy, handling all the vocals this time.

Slash also speaks about the next tour, and how Donington and Download are the best places to play in the world (and of course he doesn’t say that about every place, right?)

Anyways, great news, now I won’t have to listen to that transgender chick from the Black Eyed Peas wailing over the top of Slash‘s riffs.


Some interviews

Joe Satriani (pictured above) gave an interview. Sadly, nobody asked him if he’s a full time Moby impersonator.

Gus G. of Ozzy Osbourne and Firewind infamy also gave an interview. Rumor has it that Ozzy is the first human taxidermy puppet. Sadly, Gus had no comment when asked if it was true. He just nodded.

Let’s see now, can you guess what Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge gave? Is it a) birth or b) an interview? Find out here. You lose.

Crashdïet have a video interview. This is okay and all but who the hell are they? Make the jump for the video though. Maybe you’re more informed than I am.

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