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Metallica have their own festival

Guess I was wrong… When Metallica ‘teased’ us with a special announcement, it was not about the 3D movie like I had predicted. They’re actually doing their own festival.

It’s called Orion Music + More and it’s happening in Atlantic City, on 23 and 24 June.

The lineup is pretty shitty, but Metallica is headlining both nights, playing The Black Album in its entirety the first night, then Ride The Lightning the second night. Pretty cool if you like Metallica, but pretty boring if you want a full festival. The other bands are Arctic Monkeys, Avenged Sevenfold, Modest Mouse, and a bunch of other acts I’d never want to see live.

More info and details here and here.

Granted, this is their first one, so maybe the next one will be better. If there will be a next one. It’s just that, if someone asked me about a Metallica festival dream lineup, I’d list the rest of the Big Four, Exodus, Down, that kind of thing. Arctic Monkeys and Modest Mouse? What the fuck?

update: Sorry for screwing up the video, added a 20 minute one which includes the live conference they had on the site. The presenter has to get an award for best facial hair ‘hide your double chin’ illusion attempt. Personally, I’d recommend a diet and exercise plan, but doing a chinstrap over the double chin kinda works too, I guess.

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