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Phil Anselmo is really famous

Phil Anselmo was in Pantera. That is enough credibility in the metal community to get you godlike status. It’s no surprise that other musicians get excited when they meet him.

When Mike Martin of All That Remains met him, however, he acted like a little girl (his words, not mine) and maybe that’s a bit much…

I’m like a giddy little girl still from just taking a picture with him. I was so excited. I’ve been paying attention to that guy since I was ten years old, so just to see him standing ten feet away from him, I was [in awe]. He was really cool; he was like, ‘Let’s have a beer after.’ I was like, ‘OK. I’ll be back.’ So I’m gonna be that guy later on, ‘Remember, you said you’d have a beer.’

Watch interview after the jump.

I do know what he means. I also met a band I’ve been listening to since I was a small kid and it was a bit surreal seeing them in flesh and bones, shaking my hand and talking to me. It is weird and exciting at the same time. Little giddy school girl I was not, though… At least I’m saying this now to seem manly.

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