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Roadrunner Artists share their Top 10’s of 2010

You know how much we love Top 10 lists at Dose of Metal, as evident in our weekly Top 10 every Friday. So it comes in no surprise that I was very interested in seeing the Top 10 lists some musicians, including Robb Flynn of Machine Head, Mikael Akerfeld of Opeth and Bloodbath and Dave Ellefson of Megadeth, shared lately.

Let’s jump right into it after the jump.


Opeth frontman doesn't take criticism well

When it comes to Opeth, it’s Mikael Åkerfeldt‘s way or the highway. That’s what the Opeth frontman recently admitted in a recent interview with UK’s Guitarist magazine.

Musically, I don’t compromise for anyone. If you ask me to do it a certain way, you can just fuck off, if you know what I mean. Once the music and the lyrics are done, I can be a bit of a whore. If that’s what the label wants me to do — I’ll do their interviews. But when it comes to the music, it’s sacred to me. I can be like the Antichrist when it comes to people interfering with the music. Not the band — that’s not a problem at all — but if a record label executive came up to me and said, “That riff is not good,” I would probably headbutt him. “Shut the fuck up and sell the record.”

So there you go… If you ever meet Åkerfeldt, you better tell him everything he does is nothing short of God-like, otherwise the man is going to be pissed as hell. That shouldn’t be a problem though, since everything the man does musically IS God-like.

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