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Max Cavalera wants Ozzy and Jaymz

Max Cavalera wants Ozzy Osbourne and James Hetfield… Not in that way (I hope), he wants to work with them.

Ozzy is, of course, the Godfather of metal and Black Sabbath and his solo career. I’ve played with him many times and I know him personally, but I’ve never got to actually ask him to record anything yet. But I think at one point the chance will definitely come. I would also like to do something with James Hetfield because I love old Metallica and I’ve always been a big fan of the thrash that Metallica brought and I like James’ vocals. I thought a thrash song with me and James singing would have been really cool, too.

Read full interview here.

A thrash song with James? Haha, what’s next? Death Metal with Miley Cyrus?

But seriously, I can see why one would want to work with two of the most legendary metal frontmen of all time, but this isn’t the 80s… If you want to work with these two, you’d have to have a National Geographic show about hunting or a reality show… Just sayin’.



Friday Top 10: Ugliest guitars

Guitars are beautiful and they make anyone look good. But what happens when some musicians get extremely ugly ones? Is it because they lack good taste or do they just want to stand out?

Either way, some guitars used by known musicians are atrocious looking, and that’s what this Top 10 is all about. Make the jump and let’s laugh at some hideous instruments.

Note: This top is based solely on aesthetics (it means ‘looks’ for all you SOAD fans). It has nothing to do with price, quality or the guitarists themselves. It is based on what I consider ‘ugly looking’ instruments.

Everybody on? Good. Great. Grand. Wonderful.

*UPDATE*: Dear trolls and nitpickers, I have written my follow-up to this article: Top 10 Best looking guitars. Enjoy!


Greg Cavalera Conspiracy Plan

What is Greg Cavalera Conspiracy Plan? Well, it’s Greg Puciato and Max Cavalera’s new project. I named it, and as much as I’m awesome, I doubt it’ll be the name they use. If Max calls the shots, it will probably be something 10 times more idiotic. And the news? Well, Greg Puciato just announced over Twitter that he has 15 songs no one else but Max has. I have no idea if the songs are finished or not, seems a bit too fast. Then again, it’s not like it takes any time to make them.


Friday Top 10: Heavy metal soap operas

Heavy metal. The genre which you’d think that uses fists and bad ass guitar show-offs to settle differences. Well, no luck there. Especially with the rise of the internet, following certain events makes you want to grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy your daily dose of soap. Therefore, this week’s Top 10: Heavy metal soap operas.

Make the jump to read the Top 10.


Tuesday Trivia: Max

Max Cavalera

This Tuesday, we deal with Max Cavalera (once again). And yes, anything to put in the post title with Max would make it sound too cheesy. Max Bomb. Max Volume. Max Trivia. See? So I just left it Max.

No, we’re not counting how many words and words combinations he used in all the songs he made in his long career (15, if you’re really interested, and that includes aargh and uuurgh), nor will be counting how many children and step-children he’s had as guest artists on his various projects (I couldn’t be bothered to count that one).

No, we deal with a different Max today. Read on.

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