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Weak Recap: The Big Fourth


Welcome to yet another Weak Recap. Last week, Mark did me, so this week I’ll be returning the favor. We’re also taking turns interviewing each other. As usual, we’re looking back at the week’s most important headlines. Why? Because repetition is the mother of all learning. And it’s also a pretty easy way to make another post without being original at all.

Make the jump to get reminded of how awesome we were throughout the week.


Metal goes acoustic: The Fifth

So in case it wasn’t painfully obvious, my last couple of “Metal goes acoustic” posts were jokes. So if you’re one of the many that thought they were lame and unfunny, you can rejoice in the fact the fifth edition will be a serious one.

This time, I’m posting an acoustic cover of Black Sabbath‘s Planet Caravan. The original was acoustic too, so there’s nothing more original than posting an acoustic cover of an already acoustic song is there? Yeah, you can tell I’m running out of ideas here. The performer however gets bonus points for his nice vocals that accompany the track. Plus the video is nice and clear, and so is the audio, so that’s a nice change from the fuzzy picture and distorted sound you get with many Youtube videos.


Metal goes acoustic: Go Fourth

Acoustic Metal fans are in for a real treat today. Today’s cover is the Thrash classic, Break Stuff, originally by Limp Bizkit. Whilst the original was great in its own right, it wasn’t without its flaws. With this cover, done by two guys, those flaws seem to be have completely eradicated. The lyrical genius of Fred Durst is highlighted with the vocals becoming much more prominent in this acoustic mix. In addition, while it may be difficult to believe, but the vocalist manages to be an even better rapper than Freddy D.

Overall, the cover does manage to surpass the quality of the original track, but I do feel it is missing some random beer swilling during the chorus’ and perhaps even some real breaking of “stuff” in the background to accompany the wonderful track. Perhaps I’m just nitpicking though.



Metal goes acoustic 3

So back we are again, here for another dose of Metal goes acoustic. The last couple of times I’ve treated you to some Machine Head covers, so I’m going to change things up a little this time.

For the third edition, I’m presenting a beautiful female sang, acoustic, rendition of Korn‘s ADIDAS. This version is absolutely amazing, from the slowly strung guitar chords, to the young girl’s fantastic vocals. Just tell me you can’t hear the true emotion in her voice as she sings the words “all day I dream about fucking.” It’s like Katy Perry song, with the song transformed into a Pop classic, but with some truly thought proving lyrics that you don’t expect from the Pop genre.

Overall, I would love to rate this cover, but there isn’t a single rating system that would fairly access the song’s brilliance.


Weak Recap: Third time’s a charm

Another week in Metal has gone by, and your favorite Metal site, Dose of Metal, is back to give you an awesome recap of the week. Maybe you missed something, maybe you were too busy having a life and spending time with a real girlfriend to keep up to date. Luckily for you though, there are virgins like myself, that have nothing better to do than spend every waking moment of my life on this site.

So this week, I shall be interviewing Simo. He’s awesome, he’s a place in Finland (According to Wikipedia), and my interview with himself can be found after the jump.

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