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Marilyn Manson is so controversial!!!!!!!

Marilyn Manson, Madonna, Eminem, these are some names that used to be controversial back in the 90s (or earlier), but now they’re middle aged and don’t really ‘shock’ anymore, only embarrass themselves.

It’s a sad thing when these semi-havebeens (a word I just invented) still try hard to ‘shock’ the world with their oh so controversial crap, but all they do is make everyone point and laugh. It’s 2012, guys, let it go.

Case in point — Marilyn Manson. Yes, if we were in 1999, chances are some news station somewhere in America would talk about how controversial he is and how parents are gonna boycott his album. Unfortunately it’s not 1999, and people either don’t know who he is, don’t care, or both. So all the bad press he was complaining about to Michael Moore a decade ago is gone. Shouldn’t he be happy about it?

I guess not, cause this is what happened yesterday:

“I just went through the LAX security line with Marilyn Manson. He had “FUCK” scrawled in large letters across the bottom half of his face, with what appeared to be a grease pencil. As we each removed our boots in the security line, he kindly explained that it was not directed at me or anyone else in the airport, but rather at the paparazzi, so that they couldn’t sell any photos of him that they took. He was really apologetic about it, and covered his mouth around young children while apologizing to their parents for exposing their child to profanity.”

Read full thing here.

Well if he was apologetic about it, that makes it okay, right? Check out some photos for yourself: eins, zwei, drei

The plan worked though, because the plan was to make the headlines again and get some oh so shocking photos of himself out there. And it kinda happened, only no one cares. It’s not like he looks like a middle aged dude who passed out at a frat party or anything.

Then he tweeted about it, as you do…

Keep it classy, Brian.

Source: Blabbermouth



Well, there’s that. I’m too lazy to search for any previous collaboration between Marilyn Manson and Rammstein, but I can tell you this: Mr. (Mrs.? Ms.?) Manson can easily fire his (her?) backing band without batting an eyelid. They got schooled big time.

This happened at the ECHO Awards, if you were wondering.


Marilyn Manson speaks about his new album. Yawn.

Marilyn Manson was the king of controversy within pop culture. But that was 12 years ago. Nowadays most people wonder just who the hell is he and what does he even do?

Well, he’s a musician apparently, and his new album will be totally different than what he used to do. Mmmkay?

It doesn’t really sound like any of my old records. In fact it sort of sounds like what I listened to before I made records — Killing Joke, Joy division, Revolting Cocks, Bauhaus, Birthday Party… It’s very rhythm-driven. It’s actually very bluesy. It’s the first record where I repeat verses. I just sign the words in a different key, the next time. I’ve never done that before, because I’ve always felt like I needed to write a lot of words in the past … I think this will probably be the grandest concept record of all.

Read full article here.

The grandest concept record of all. That sounds like the grandest pretentious claim about an album I’ve ever read.

I’ve got nothing else to add, so I’ll just link to THIS clip of Marilyn Manson kicking John 5 on stage.


Marilyn Manson invades Europe

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson has plans to invade Europe. Hide your wife and your sons, ’cause shit’s about to get real.

With a freshly announced drummer (Jason Sutter… wait, who?), third-rate art galleries around these towns are also in for it:

June 04 Tilburg, NET – O13
June 05 Paris, FRA – Le Zenith
June 15 Gothenburg, SWE – Metaldown Festival
June 16 Copenhagen, DEN – Copenhell

Check out marilynmanson.com/tour for further updates.


Marilyn Manson is not a band

Chris Vrenna

Chris Vrenna, the dude that looks like a typical member of Marilyn Manson, is no longer in Marilyn Manson. We’re not sure what the reason for the fallout is, but we’re hoping really hard Manson will try and make an album of yet another of his failed relationships.

Kidding aside, seems that Vrenna wants to focus on his solo projects (watching porn on his Mac with headphones on so his mom wouldn’t hear him? trying out Angry Birds in Chrome to see how it compares to the iPhone version? making dubstep?), and guess what, Marilyn Manson probably wants to do the same. Get it, it’s funny because he’s almost alone in the band now. Except for Twiggy.

Judging by the video we got to see a few months back, I’d say he needs band members more than ever, and preferably he should also let them write all the music.

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