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Weak Recap: The Big Fourth


Welcome to yet another Weak Recap. Last week, Mark did me, so this week I’ll be returning the favor. We’re also taking turns interviewing each other. As usual, we’re looking back at the week’s most important headlines. Why? Because repetition is the mother of all learning. And it’s also a pretty easy way to make another post without being original at all.

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Scott Columbus passed away

Sad news has surfaced in the metal world, unfortunately.   Ex-Manowar drummer Scott Columbus died this past Monday at the age of 54.

With the exception of  ‘Battle Hymns,Scott Columbus drummed on every single Manowar album in the 80s.  Scott left the band in 1990 but rejoined six years later to record the next three Manowar albums.  He left in 2008 due to creative differences with bassist Joey DeMaio.

Manowar also just released a statement on their official website:

“With great sorrow we announce the passing of our brother Scott. A rare talent, equally a rare individual, a father, friend and a brother of metal  All the great moments we spent together are burnished in our hearts and memories forever. We know he is in a good place and at peace. He will never be forgotten.”

Scott was a talented drummer, no question about it. He will be missed in the metal world.  We at Dose Of Metal give our condolences.


Friday Top 10: Best metal songs of all time

Yes, that’s right! We’re doing it. This Friday’s Top 10 is all about metal… But not just any metal… The best metal songs of all time.

After weeks of deliberation, this is what we came up with and I think you’ll be pretty satisfied with the list.

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Tuesday Trivia: Long, longer, longest


Last week, I promised you guys a proper metal trivia. Well, here we are, I’m almost past my deadline, and I needed to figure out something fast. So, where do I turn in times like these?

Easy, Manowar. They’re easy enough to take a cheap uninteligable laugh at, they’re metal enough to make your average metalhead happy, and they have plenty of trivia for me to exploit. So, make the jump, and beware, the following article makes plenty use of the following words: Manowar, long, longer, longest and coming. See, its writing itself.


Tuesday Trivia: The one where we couldn’t avoid Christmas

Evil Santa

…and decided that if we can’t beat them, we should join them. Christmas can be metal. Make the jump and find out why.

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