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The weekly playlist: Shit done got stained


If your memory is a wee bit shit, fear not, we have these fancy things called links. Check it out. Aren’t I amazing?

So, last week I decided to write a short playlist article, where I reviewed some new songs. I’m back again, with a silly title (and no, I really don’t know what it means), but it’s more or less the same principle. We’ve had some new (well newish) songs released this week, Guido has introduced me to some new tracks, and well, I’m still as self-indulgent and egotistical as ever, so yes make that jump for this week’s song reviews.


Hear the new Man Must Die track

That’s right, you lucky fuckers, you can hear the brand new demo track, ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’, by Scotland’s Man Must Die.

“Wait, who are Man Must Die?” I hear you ask. They’re a Glaswegian Technical Death Metal act that were once signed to Relapse Records. Now they’re currently unsigned, but that isn’t stopping the band from progressing with their music.

You can listen to the song above. I kept it as a video, as it provides the lyrics and you’re going to need them, unless you are well accustomed to cookie monster language.

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