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Brad Delson facts

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing THE BRAD DELSON FACTS.

If you have your own, send them our way.


MTV knows good music

The least anticipated music award ceremony of the year, the MTV European Music Awards (or MTV FAG for short) is getting closer and closer. And the nominations are in! Oh golly, my nipples are hard.

Fighting for the Best Rock award are Linkin Park, 30 Seconds To Mars, Kings Of Leon, Muse and Ozzy Osbourne. Wowza!

The early favorites seem to be Linkin Park, of course, because their latest techno album sold quite well. In all fairness to Ozzy though, he would win ‘Best Taxidermy’ in a heartbeat. Maybe next year.


Brad Delson a multi-instrumentalist genius

The guitars may have been toned down on recent multi-conceptual masterpiece, A Thousand Suns (read our review by Alex, here), but famed Linkin Park guitarist, Brad ‘The Ripper” Delson isn’t just going to sit down during the band’s live performances.  Oh no, because Brad Delson may be a master of the guitar, but it’s not the only thing he’s a master of, as the video below shows.

Not being content as one of the greatest modern guitar players, Brad has taken on the role of also playing Keyboards in the band.  He’s now rivaling Mike Shinoda for his multi-instrumental skillz.

Some cynics might speculate that the keyboard parts are so weak and simplistic that even the guitarist can play the parts.  Or even go as far as to laugh at the fact that the band have two people playing keyboards, one person playing turntables, a bassist appearing to do nothing, and two vocalists performing some lacksture singing in a weird jamaican accent.  Not us though…  Watch the video after the jump.


'A Thousand Suns' – concept record?

Linkin Park‘s lead Cubase user, Mike Shinoda, blew the one chance he had of motivating the musical aberration that is his latest album, A Thousand Suns.

When asked if the album is a ‘concept record,’ Mike said “omg no,” calling it a ‘multi-concept record.’

Read the full article here, if you really want to laugh and get annoyed at the same time.

When asked what some of those ‘multi-concepts’ are, Mike Shinoda answered ‘shit, atrocious, bad, awful and fucking shit’


There is no justice in the world

“Nintendo metal” band Linkin Park debuted their first album ever not to feature either anime or remixes.

While metal legends Megadeth barely sold 3,000 albums (granted, of a live cd) in the first week, these guys are likely to sell 260,000. If that’s no proof that there is no God, I don’t know what is.

The album, entitled “A Thousand Suns,” features about 30 interludes and 3 full-length tracks, so make sure to pick it up if you have the attention span of a housefly and can’t stand tracks longer than 40 seconds.

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