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2011: The albums to watch out for (Pt. 1)

So as 2010 comes to an end, we all forget the mistakes of the past year, the dodgy synth driven pop albums of aged Nu-Metal acts, the mediocre drivel released by once good bands,  and now look forwards to the promised releases of the forthcoming year. Will the albums be as brilliant as promised, or will they flop quicker than my penis after I see Lady Gaga on TV? Time will tell.

So which albums should you watch out for in 2011? Read on after the jump to find out.


Guitar Hero wimpy warriors

Just in time for Christmas, Activision Publishing Inc have announced that new tracks from both Linkin Park and Kiss have been added to the Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock game.

I presumed this may be a mistake since the game isn’t called mediocres of pop, but sadly I was wrong. The new Linkin Park tracks will of course be a welcome addition to noobs of the game though, as most will only require the player to press one button through the tracks at a steady 100 bpm.

If mediocre pop bands are your thing though, get your info fix here.


In non-metal news…

Linkin Park's "Waiting for the End"Waiting for the End is the newest Linkin Park video. It’s allso the best way to describe how most people feel when they give their new album (and this video) a shot. A more pretentious description by the director, Joe Hahn follows.

“It was an opportunity to experiment with pushing the digital envelope as it pertains to the visual language created thus far for A Thousand Suns. It was my attempt to digitally crush us to the point that you feel the soul of the music through what has become the essence of us.

We become the ghosts in the machine. Some may say that because of technology, we lose a sense of who we are. I counter that by illustrating that we can get closer to who we are if we sift through the noise.”

I  do agree with him on one thing. After sifting through the noise whilst watching the video, I got closer to what I truly am: not a Linkin Park fan. See the CGI slideshow video accompanied by some reggae-techno-pop music after the jump.


Heard Saw?

Chester Bennington

Remember those ancient times, way back in mid-2000’s, somewhere between 2004 and 2006? When people were still using MySpace, when the president was black only in a Chris Rock movie, and when Saw movies somehow managed to grab five minutes of everyone’s attention as a potentially good horror series?

Yes, those times seem so far away now. The only link to them is the (hopefully) soon-dead Saw franchise, with the latest addition, Saw 30 3D. We’ll make fun of the movie some other time, and focus on what this site focuses on: the music.

Though the soundtracks for these movies were mostly mix of b-side quality nu metal tracks, occasionally something good would slip in (mostly the third film’s soundtrack). This year’s soundtrack is nothing to get excited about, and if it’s any indication of what Saw 3D is going to be like, we’re up for the same thing once again, a few thrills and lots of meh.

The only thing that this movie might be worth watching for, is the fact that Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington (pictured above) has a small role in it as one of Jigsaw’s victims. That’s right. The moment you’ve been waiting for ever since you first heard One Step Closer is almost here. Quality entertainment, what can I say.

His (other) band, Dead By Sunrise, is actually featured on the soundtrack, but who cares about that. Continue reading to see what other lame bands made the list, as well as a bigger image of the Chester in a trap sneak peak.


Mike Shinoda is calling out people on the internet

Mike Shinoda

Now, before I even start, I know, the only metal we can associate with Linkin Park is the daily requirement of iron and zinc their band members have to take in order to stay alive (too bad, right?). So why mention them you might ask? Well, we’re a humorous site, and the articles on Linkin Park tend to write themselves.

Or in this case, by Mike Shinoda. It seems that it’s not enough that all the sell out established journalists are praising their “concept” album A Thousand Suns, because Mike wants more. So if you write a fan review on iTunes and rate the album badly, prepare to be taught a lesson by the big man himself. Quite hypocritical for a band who traded their teenage angst for the U2-inspired “bringers of world piece” image. Live and let live, isn’t that right, Mike?

Read more after the jump.

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