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Lemmy’s hand single-handedly canceled gig

There seems to be a trend these days amongst metal legends to hurt their arms, because after Brian Johnson’s wrist injury, Lemmy had to cancel a Bristol concert because of some hand problems.

Lemmy’s had more ass than me and everyone I know combined, so I won’t do a masturbation joke. But I do hope no more shows are canceled because of this…

Due to injury, Motörhead have cancelled their Colston Hall show tonight. Watch this space for returns/new date info. We are working with Live Nation to try to reschedule… We’ll let you know when we know what will happen re: rescheduling/refunds.

Read the article I stole this from here.

Get well soon Lemmy!


Lemmy is honest about his looks

Lemmy is not the most handsome guy in the world, but his moles have been licked by more women than I have masturbated to, so I give the guy a lot of credit.

In a recent interview with Daily Record, Lemmy said women are not as keen on sleeping with them as they once were…

“Women don’t go to extreme lengths to get at Motorhead no more. We’re too ugly and old. […] Gene Simmons of Kiss slept with 5000 and took pictures of them all and put them on his fridge I didn’t take pictures of all of mine because I started before there was Polaroids.”

Read full article here.

Haha, this guy would make a fortune writing one-liners for t-shirts. 1,000 women, imagine that. I only slept with about 800, so I’m behind Lemmy, but getting there.

Keep up the good work, Lem. Get to that 2,000 number.


Tuesday Trivia: Metal games


Hey, what’s your favorite metal game? Mine include:

  • moshing with metal attachements on my boots
  • throwing a glass beer bottle at a concert behind me and seeing how many people bleed
  • kicking a wigger

I’m kidding of course. Except maybe for the last one. The games we’ll be covering today have nothing to do with concerts. In fact, they’re my favorite games — the ones that don’t make you leave the house. Make the jump and get familiar with some of the heavy metal video games.


Fans still supporting Motörhead

Last week in North America,  Motörhead released their 986th album, The Wörld Is Yours.  The album cracked the top 100, selling 7,000 copies in its first week, which is considered an impressive amount for a metal, unless you’re Metallica.  Sure, 7,000 copies might not seem a lot but that’s more than their previous two albums (Motörizer in 2008 sold 6,400 in its first week and their 2006 release Kiss Of Death sold 3,500).

When asked for comment on the bands success over the last 30 years and what keeps them still going strong, Lemmy said “that was a great time, the summer of 71.  I can’t remember it, but I’ll never forget it!”


Proof Lemmy isn’t racist

Lemmy might have a huge collection of Nazi paraphernalia, but he isn’t racist. If you want more proof, check out the chick above. Yes, that is a chick. Her stage name is Skin and she’s from Skunk Anansie, a British band you probably never heard of.

Well, it’s Lemmy‘s favorite band, so how can you be racist when your favorite band’s singer is black? Makes no sense, yo.

“Skunk Anansie reformed, which is great news for me, you know? They’re my favorite band, I think. I went to see them in London a little while ago. You know they reformed, right? I went to see them in London the day before we played Brixton Academy, they played there, so we went down.

Read full interview here.

Make the jump for a song from Skunk Anansie called ‘Charlie Big Potato.’ I wonder who it’s about. I have a similar idea for a song, it’s called ‘Lemmy Face Potatoes.’

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