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The movie that made Lemmy cry

Why would anyone want to meet Lars? I can see why some would want to escape him, but the guy in this movie wants so bad to meet him, a movie has been made about him.

“Mission To Lars” tells the story of Tom Spicer, an autistic Metallica fan who just wants to meet Lars Ulrich — and the journey he makes to do so.

There are so many jokes I could do right now, and trust me, I’m trying really hard to control myself. I’m just wondering if this guy was the inspiration for the name ‘Lulu.’

Okay, I know, I’m going to hell, but the movie does seem pretty touching… Hell, it made Lemmy cry.


Lars hearts Maiden, talks future ‘Tallica plans

Lars Ulrich says he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Maiden. I’d actually credit James for getting Lars where he is today, but hey, let’s not change the subject…

So in a recent interview, Lars praised Maiden and talked about Metallica‘s future plans… Check out a few excerpts below:

We [are] all incredible Maiden fans, obviously, and I don’t think Metallica would be where Metallica is today if it wasn’t for Iron Maiden, not only paving the way but also for just inspiring me in 1981 to form a band. We were sitting there recording the Garage thing in LA and it was a pretty loosey-goosey set of sessions and one day we started going into “Run To The Hills” which is one of those things that anybody could attempt at any time.


We’ve got our thirtieth anniversary shows coming up in San Francisco in December, so we’ve got a perfect rest of the year. We’ve got a couple of shows, get of the house for the weekend type of thing, we’re doing this Lou Reed thing which is absolutely fantastic and then it’s the eternal back to writing songs and making another record thing.

Read full article here.

I’m still waiting to be invited with a full press access to the anniversary shows. Come on, guys, I’d write the best piece on those concerts, don’t cheap out and fly me to the shows. I’ll bring my own beer.

Anyway, I’m glad they’re already trying to write a new album, because Lulu was just… Argh… But given the new dubstep trend, I’m really afraid they’ll pull a Load, ReLoad or St. Anger and simply try to do what’s popular right now and change their sound completely.

I guess time will tell… In the meantime, I have to agree: Iron Maiden fucking rules.


Metallica would suffocate with just metal, says Ulrich

For those of you still hoping that Metallica will one day snap out of it, and actually return to their thrash roots, here’s a little Lars quote for you:

People would like us not to stray beyond certain boundaries. That would kill Metallica. We feed on freedom. We love coming back to metal, but we need to turn over rocks or we’d suffocate. That’s our DNA.

Read full article here.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with ‘straying beyond boundaries’ for a band. We understand, you’re musicians, it’s your band, you have the right to go softer or do weird collaborations with the elderly citizens.

Problem is, you never actually ‘come back to metal.’ You really don’t, unless you count the live shows where, indeed, you do play mostly the classic songs. No one would have cared about the Load/ReLoad albums if they were just a phase, followed by AJFA (or at least Black Album) part deux.

But it never happened, once you strayed, you were gone, and that’s what upsets the fans. Again, I understand the concept of ‘my band, my rules.’ Start playing pop music if you want, it’s your right. But if you’re wondering why fans are upset and the metal community angry, this is why.

You’ve seen the positive comments on Death Magnetic. Go all the way next time, and everyone will forgive you for Lulu.


By the way, here are a few photos of Mr. and Mrs. Hetfield visiting the Taj Mahal: Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3 | Photo 4

Source: Blabbermouth


Friday Top 10: Replacements for Lars Ulrich

We’ve all fantasized about Metallica having a different drummer… Maybe a faster one, a more technical one, one that doesn’t sue Napster, that sort of thing.

Since they were supposed to perform tonight in India but didn’t, I have ten suggestions for you guys. Ten impressive drummers who would probably own behind a proper kit.

This is a bit different, you’ll see, but it will instantly remind you of St. Anger.

Without further ado, here are my top 10 recommendations for Metallica‘s drummer spot — should it ever be vacant.


Lulu makes AJFA sound like the first Ramones album, according to Lars Ulrich

Rolling Stone conducted an interview with both Lou Reed and members of Metallica, and it’s mostly the same cliché stuff like “You have to feel it” and “This is really unique!” (yes, they really say those things).

But one quote definitely caught my attention:

a few days after Lulu is mastered, Ulrich describes listening to the album on a late-night car ride. ‘I was overwhelmed,’ he confesses. ‘I also felt,’This is really unique.” How unique? He laughs. ‘This makes… And Justice for All sound like the first Ramones album.‘”

Read full article here.

Say what? Dude, is you crazy?

Listen, AJFA is my favorite Metallica album, and I consider it their best (or second best, really on par with MoP). How can you even include that album when talking about this experimental stuff? Jeez, Lars, I’m so disappointed.

I get that the guys are trying to hype up their release, I also get that they might be proud of it, but leave the 80s Metallica albums out of it, for the love of God, it’s borderline blasphemous to use them in the same sentence.

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