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Cristina Scabbia is not a model!


I’ve heard many people describing (in full explicit details, mind you) what they’d do to Lacuna Coil singer Cristina Scabbia, if given the chance. I don’t blame them, but they haven’t considered the one problem: They’d also have to listen to her band. Are they prepared to make that compromise? Are they prepared to be subjected to such painful ear pain just for a piece of tail?

Anyway, Cristina herself seems pretty modest about her looks, in spite of many metalheads drooling over her like Mike Shinoda drools over an OS X update.

“This thing about the hottest chick, it’s been following me around since 2007. That’s when I was on the cover of Revolver for the first time. In one way it’s frustrating, because I’m still a singer, I’m not a model … but I can’t deny it’s flattering. It’s not a bad thing that they consider you a good looking woman. … A lot of people stay there all the time, but when they hear me singing, the problem goes away.”


Full article here.

Hmm, I wonder what made people talk about Cristina’s “hotness.” Could it be pictures like this? Nah, unlikely.

There’s no denying it though: She is a pretty good looking chick, even without makeup, as demonstrated by the photo above. Yes, I took it one morning and yes, we’re together.

Some player-hating jealous fucks might call me a liar and say that it’s simply a photo I took from her Instagram, but don’t believe all the internet conspiracy nuts. She is my girlfriend and I don’t care if you don’t believe me! I don’t have anything to prove to you. Shut up!


Lacuna Coil stream their new album

Lacuna Coil

A new album by Lacuna Coil is not something I really give a shit about. I mean, I didn’t pay a visit to my grandparents in the nursery home for about five years, so why should I give a fuck about some band.

Because Cristina is hot? Well, you make a point there, she is hot, unlike my grandparents. They’re cold… dead cold.

The album is called Dark Adrenaline, which kind of describes my sexual pursuits, and it can be listened to on Spin’s website.



Weak Recap: Yes we can, bitch!

A few months ago, I had a dream. A dream that we could recap our weeks on Sunday without falling in the blog cliche of just making a list of some of our articles. And my creativity and my egomania had sex and came up with the offspring that is The Weak Recap.

Basically we recap the week by interviewing each other. It feeds our egos and it’s letting you know how awesome we’ve been the week before.

So now it’s my turn to interview NFL legend, influential guitarist and all-around amazing metal bloger, Simo. After the jump.


Lacuna Coil recording new album

You know, I used to really really like Lacuna Coil back when I was 16. Well, I say I liked them… Actually I was just at that age where I was thinking with dick; by which I mean, I “liked” Cristina Scabbia. Once I went past the puberty stage, I realized their music was dull and bored me rigid.

So, if you’re male, and between the ages of about 14 and 17, you may be interested in this news. No, Cristina isn’t about to pose nude you pervs, but the band have begun recording a new album. You can get all the information here.

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