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Friday Top 10: Worst band transformations, part 2

Another Friday, another Top 10. Except this one is the same as the last one.

Well, kind of. Continuing from last time, we take a look at ten more examples of band transformations we could have lived without. Note that the list is not really in a particular order, and then make the jump.


Weak Recap: Metalheads Anonymous

Hello and welcome to your daily MA meeting here at Dose of Metal. We are here to guide you, through group therapy sessions, from music for posers to music for true metalheads. Metalheads Anonymous is the only way to turn you into a headbanging, beer-drinking metal elitist.

The first item on the MA agenda is the weekly Weak Recap. If you want to look forward to become a metalhead, you have to look in the past how the metalhead elite has done it. And let’s face it, there is no better place to learn of metal than at Dose of Metal.

So let’s get it started, shall we? Go ahead and make the jump.


Friday Top 10: Worst band transformations


Fresh of the recently debuted Korn‘s dubstep track, I got an amazing (and very original) idea for a Top 10: let’s take a look at some of the most drastic transformations in hard rock and metal.

List is mostly based on music, though we all know metal goes hand in hand with fashion, so we’ll feature some of that as well. Read on to find ten examples of some of the most horrific, embarrassing or simply plain stupid transformations, in what is could be the first out of two articles.


Tuesday Trivia: The one Kiss product we won’t make fun of

We’ve written extensively about Kiss products, from kaskets to kondoms. We obviously also made plenty of fun regarding them. I mean, the only reason I’m posting the trailer for their movie “Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park” above is so you can laugh even if you find my humor weak and this article lame. Plus some of you might find that corn-fest new, so I’m doing a double job, really.

After you’ve done laughing, get ready to take a look at one thing that bears the Kiss name that I could actually check out that might not be complete shit (hence the trivia). Read on to find out what it is.


CNN has a lot of credibility

Not only have CNN replaced Larry King with a talent show judge, but now they’re also airing a Kiss special. Way to go, guys.

CNN’s Poppy Harlow goes inside the world of Kiss — on board the band’s plane on the way to a concert, to exclusive backstage access. She also visits the homes of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley to explore how Kiss has become one of the most branded names in the world.

‘Kiss Inc.’ is scheduled to premiere on CNN Presents on Sunday, October 23 at 8:00 p.m. ET, replaying at 11:00 p.m. ET.

Oh boy, oh boy! I can’t wait!!! [big sarcastic smiley face here]

Seriously, is anyone tuning in? If so, simply stop coming back to this website. That’s an order.

[ Source: Blabbermouth ]

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