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Kenneth “$$” Downing is rich

Former Judas Priest guitarist needs to donate some money to this site, cause the guy is fucking rich, yo.

According to some site I couldn’t remember (but I will link to it anyway, cause I’m a nice guy), the dude sold two cars for approximately $100,000. WTF is the dude driving? If I sell my car, all I get is a kick in the ass.

Auctioneers Brightwells said the musician’s ‘highly original 1966 Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII sparking an intense bidding war before finally going to a Belgian buyer for £35,750’. […] ‘While his somewhat scruffy 1959 Jensen 541R made a huge £26,950, almost twice the pre-sale estimate and showing what great gains this rare model has made in recent years.

Read full article here.

I am way too lazy to do the math, but I trust Blabbermouth when they say it amounts to approximately $100,000, which is a lot of money. K.K., I know you’re reading this, donate some money to us or THE SECRET IS OUT! Not blackmail, just a legitimate business offer.


Weak Recap: We’re bringing sexy back

Another week behind us, another week of total metal kickassery. “But hey Simo, this week hasn’t been that special really…” – I hear some of you saying, and to clarify, when I say kickassery, I mean the way we’ve covered everything. Hell, we could comment on funerals or people sleeping and make it sound interesting as hell.

Kids, prepare your tissues and toilet paper, Mark and I are taking a trip down the memory lane, and it’s going to be sexy.


Weak Recap: Hello, we’re metal!

We’re one of the last of a dying breed. We’re the Albert Einstein of brutality, the William Shakespear of violence, the Arnold Schwarzenegger of funny, the Michael Jackson of metal. All these comparisons are way off though… because we’re better than those guys and we’re certainly better than anyone else out there, including you!

We’re so good, we’re interviewing each other. Who needs interviews with musicians, who have been interviewed already thousands of times? No one!

So, you want to know what happened this past week in metal? Make the jump, we’ll teach you a lesson.


K.K. talks about leaving Judas

K.K. Downing

First of all, wouldn’t it have been awesome if K.K. Downing waited just a bit to leave Judas Priest and did it tomorrow? Get it?

Well, he didn’t, and yesterday, the internet was speculating on the reasons of his departure, many fans fearing health issues. Fortunately, he seems to be alright, and he addresses some of the reasons he left the band in a written statement:

“There has been an ongoing breakdown in working relationship between myself, elements of the band, and the band’s management for some time.

Therefore I have decided to step down rather than to tour with negative sentiments as I feel that this would be a deception to you, our cherished fans.”

Read the full announcement at his website

Bummer, right? Well, apparently his replacement looks a bit like him, so that’s something comforting, right? Put him in some leather pants, no one will notice. Kiss got away with it…


K.K. goes away but replacement’s on the way

Nice rhymes, right? Blow me.

Anyway, I don’t know what to make of this Judas Priest ‘last tour.’ First K.K. Downing gets excited about it, then they announce the tour is their last one, then they ‘clarify‘ that it’s just the last big tour and not their last one and now K.K. Downing is being replaced.


It is with regret that Judas Priest announce that K.K. Downing has formally retired from the band and will therefore not be joining them on their forthcoming Epitaph Tour. […] Fate also stepped in and delivered the perfect replacement – 31 year old British guitar player Richie Faulkner – he has blended into the band perfectly and is a great talent who is going to help set the stage on fire!

Read full statement here.

Umm… Okay? By the way, if you don’t know what to expect from their upcoming live shows, they clear that shit up as well…

The Metal Gods are preparing to tour the planet once more – Heavy Metal at its best complete with lasers, lights, bikes and hellfire!! It’s a show not to be missed!!

Bikes, lasers and hellfire? Oh, you know me all too well, Judas Priest PR guy who wrote this thing. I’m definitely going now!!!!!!!

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