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Iced Earth scared me for a moment

Iced Earth

Hey you Dungeons and Dragons dorks, good news — Iced Earth have re-recorded their well known song “Dante’s Inferno,” and they’re offering it as a free download. Even better news — you have to give them your email to hear it, which I simply won’t do, so I didn’t have to listen to it. A win-win situation if you ask me.

The song can be found here, and Metal Hammer also has a few details on the new album and their fresh new singer (who probably isn’t in the picture above, but hey, I can’t do everything).


Weak Recap: We’re better than you

Fact 1: We love interviews.
Fact 2: Our opinion is great.
Fact 3: Lame week recaps are lame

Taking that into consideration, we realized we do want to make a week recap at the end of each week, but not just a lame list of all our articles or something. So we decided to go narcissistic and just interview each other about the previous week’s most important headlines. Since this week recap is weak, we’re calling it a Weak Recap. Clever, right? Blow me.

So this weekend I’m interviewing Guido. We’ll take turns interviewing each other because let’s face it, we rule. So make the jump to see what he has to say about what went on in the last 7 days.


Iced Iced Baby

Iced Earth (who?) lost their previous singer, Matt Barlow (who?), but have now found a replacement. We’re talking about the singer of Into Eternity (who?). His name is Stu Block (who?) and he’s amazing (no he isn’t).

As you can tell, I don’t really know these names, I just took this news from Blabbermouth because I’m about as original as Linkin Park.  But yeah, if these names ring true to you, you should be on ”Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” because you obviously know a lot of names and shit. Education, yo… Use it, a’ight?

Not much else I can add, really. Make the jump to listen to an amazing song completely unrelated to this news post.


Facebook > Iced Earth fanclub

If you’re like me, you’ve joined the Iced Earth fanclub and are now disappointed to see it being shut down. But besides you and me, nobody else really joined it, so don’t feel bad.

On September 1st of this year, we launched the official Iced Earth Facebook page. We had no idea what would happen. All we knew is that other bands were on Facebook, and hundreds of fans requested that we be on it as well. So we asked our publicist, Bill Murphy, to create the official Iced Earth Facebook page for us.

With the world’s economy in such rough shape, and people having to scrape together their hard-earned money to buy basic necessities,” Schaffer said, “we thought we could best serve our fans by giving them communication, interaction, access to the band, fun giveaways, and exclusive news on Facebook, without charging them a dime.

Read full article here.

Translation: Nobody joined our fanclub (except Alex and some other guy) because Facebook and Twitter rendered fansites and fanclubs obsolete. So we had to shut it down and rely on Facebook, and we’re gonna brag about how many ‘likes’ we got so you don’t think we’re unpopular or something.

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