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Five random covers that aren’t very good

One of the most frustrating things about being a music fanatic is when bands cover a classic and completely butcher it.  A lot of bands have been successful over the years with respectable covers, and then you have quite a few bands just creating garbage covers and making you wonder why they’re even trying.

These 5 songs aren’t necessarily the worst of all time (I don’t have the time and patience to search for metal/ hard rock bands that have done poor covers over the years), however, they are embarrassing and should have never been recorded.


(Hed)P.E. tell us the truth

We here at Dose of Metal are saddened to hear that self-proclaimers of the idiotic “truth movement”, HeDPE Y’aLL (or something or like that) have announced yet another album.

The guys that watched Zeitgeist once and now think they’re geniuses have set an October 26 release date for their new album, the arrogantly titled, Truth Rising.

So if any of you are lucky enough to have never heard (Hed)P.E. before, you’re probably wondering what the soundtrack to this amazing truth movement is, right? Well, the answer is a bunch of generic Nu-Metal riffs thrown together with some idiot “rapping” over the top about 9/11.

The album is set to have 22 tracks, because like Linkin Park, (Hed)P.E can’t write songs longer than 2 minutes.

More here.

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