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Jamey Jasta solo trailer

Apparently trailers are hot shit right now. I always thought they worked well for movies, but music, not so much. But hey, what do I know? I still think living with your parents in your twenties and having no girfriend is a good way to live.

So who’s the next star to release a trailer for their upcoming album? Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed, who’s debut solo album is scheduled for release this summer. Check it out above.


Jamey Jasta announces solo album

Damn, I’m being imagnative with my topic titles today, I must say. So can you guess what this news is about? That’s right, in order to dilute the news of Spineshank finishing work on their comeback album, I thought to myself “why not post something positive?” So here I am, finding Metal news from elsewhere and reposting it for the awesome readers of Dose of Metal, and this time it’s in regards to Jamey Jasta.

The member of such great bands as Hatebreed, Icepick, and Kingdom Of Sorrow, has revealed details of a solo album, possibly to be released at some point this year.

Speaking to UGO.com, Jasta reveals “I just finished the JASTA album. The album is basically songs I’ve written over the last 2-3 years that didn’t fall into any sort of set category as far as genre. I guess you could say it has elements of metal, hard rock, hardcore and punk in it, but it’s kind of a wide variety of tunes. I just had fun with it and I did some collaborations and co-wrote some stuff which was fun. Hopefully it’ll come out in June of this year! I’ll probably leak a song or two at some point on http://www.twitter.com/jameyjasta”

More crap can be found over at Metal Hammer.


Video of the Week: Asesino

A couple of masked Mexicans, what could this be? Lucha Libre Wrestling? No, Tony Campos (vocals and bass), former bassist of Static-X, Dino Cazares (guitars), of Fear Factory, and Emilio Márquez (drummer), formerly of Possessed, form Asesino. A Deathgrind band that simply kicks ass.

Cazares used to play with Brujeria and when he left the band, he started Asesino, a band in the same vein. As in Brujeria, all members of Asesino use pseudonyms, Cazares is Asesino, as he was in Brujeria, Campos is Maldito X and Márquez is Sadístico and featured on this song is none other than El Odio… who? Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed. He’s not in the video but he sings backing vocals on the song above, ‘Regresando Odio’. Enjoy.


Dose of Hardcore

So this week, I shall be giving you a nice dosage of Hardcore. No, I’m not talking about Hardcore pr0n, although I must admit, do like my fair share of that. Yeah I know what you’re thinking, but I’m no sexist. I love sex and I love women. Hence my taste for pr0n and the image above.

So what Harcore am I talking about? Well the music of course. Not Hardcore Trance (is there anything lamer?), but the genre of music that formed from the emerging Hardcore Punk bands of the 80’s to aggressive Hardcore bands of the 90s, to the Metalcore acts of the 2000s.

It’s a controversial genre, especially in Metal circles, but this week I shall be offering you 5 tracks that not only shaped the Harcore genre, but that are also damn awesome songs.

Get your Hardcore dose after the jump my friends.

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