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Death ’til Death – Death Metal week coming up

Some of our older readers may remember the four editions of ‘Thrash ’til Death,’ I posted earlier this year in March and April (links below). I just recently stumpled across these articles again and thought about how much fun I had writing about one of my favorite music genres. And it got me thinking.

Thrash Metal is indeed not only one of my favorite music genres, but it’s up there with another Extreme Metal genre. You’ve guessed it: Death Metal. If I had to choose between the two, I’d probably go with Death Metal, because I listen to more Death than Thrash Metal bands. Luckily I don’t have to choose, so I can just embrace both of them.

And that’s what I’m going to do this upcoming week. I’ve already covered my favorite Thrash Metal bands, so it’s time to talk about my favorite Death Metal bands. Not only my favorite bands, but I’d like to cover the quintessential, most important Death Metal bands of all time. Unlike my posts about Thrash, I’m dedicating each post to one band, and I’m going to post these articles daily for the next week.

So for all the slow ones: Dose of Metal starts its Death Metal week tomorrow. For seven days, we are going to post daily about the seven most important bands of the most extreme genre known to man. This is going to be brutal.

To get you into the right mood, here is a band that didn’t make my list, but deserves an honorable mention.

God Dethroned – Execution Protocol

And you can find my Thrash ’til Death posts here:

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Melodic pieces by not so melodic bands

Isn’t it great when you’re listening to an ultra-brutal Death Metal band and suddenly a catchy melody kicks in? Personally, I’m a sucker for these melodic parts and many Death Metal bands did just that and incorporated parts like that into really heavy songs.

There’s just something about the contrasting sounds of really heavy riffs and catchy, melodic guitar playing that gets to me. Hell, Melodic Death Metal is based on that very concept but that’s not really what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about bands who are really heavy, classic Death Metal and the melodic parts I’m talking about are really rare within this band’s catalogue. It’s just great when a melody catches you off-guard because you simply didn’t expect something like that.

Now, make the jump for 5 examples of what I’m talking about.


God Dethroned unveil album artwork and tracklist

Dutch Blackened Death Metal legends God Dethroned recently unveiled the album artwork and tracklisting for their upcoming album ‘Under the Sign of the Iron Mask’.

Artwork and tracklist after the jump.

In other news, the Netherlands shouldn’t be a country. Amsterdam on the other hand should be.

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