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Headlines! Headlines! Headlines!

Time for some headlines, baby! Let’s get it on…

Children of Bodom announced a month-long North American headlining tour in June. Main support? The Devin Townsend (pictured above) Project. Also supporting are Obscura and Septicflesh. Sounds like a nice lineup to me. Dates have yet to be announced.

All-girl metal (I use the word “metal” very loosely in this context) band (I use the word “band” very loosely in this context) Kittie are going into the studio, to record the follow-up to ‘In The Black,’ next week. Yay, I guess. Yay for those who enjoy Pussy’s Kittie’s music. Yay for all two of you.

Seether frontman Shaun Morgan claimed that former Seether guitarist has gone back to his former band Evanescence. Eh, what’s a Seether? Anywho, shortly after Morgan claimed that, Evanescence’s management declined it. But honestly, who the fuck cares?

When asked about why Slayer chose Gary Holt as a replacement for Jeff Hanneman, Dave Lombardo had the following to say:

“Me and Kerry were on the side of the stage at Hellfest, in France. Both me and Kerry, were “Come on, let’s go listen to Exodus. Let’s hear Exodus. We haven’t seen them in a while.” We saw Exodus and I was like, “Wow. Now I remember why I liked them so much, when I was young.” […] “Look at that guy. That guy’s an amazing guitar player. He’s a good player.” And so, when this happened, the first person that came to Kerry’s mind, and myself, [was] Gary. I mean he was there, from the beginning. He knows that style.”

Read the full interview here.

Dave Murray, of Iron Maiden, was recently asked if there is going to be a follow-up to ‘The Final Frontier.’ Rumors that this was going to be Maiden’s last album surfaced ever since the band reveiled the title of the album. Murray had this to say about the situation:

“Possibly there will be, but it’s hard to say at the moment. It definitely won’t be next year, anyway. My gut feeling is once we sit down, if everyone’s up for it — that’s the main thing — then we’ll go for it.”

Read the full interview here.

Feel updated now? You are ready to go out and be metal now, my friend.


Cannibal Slayer – Pat O’Brien joins Slayer

Pat O’Brien, lead guitarist of Cannibal Corpse, is going to replace Gary Holt of Exodus, who replaced Jeff Hanneman in Slayer. Wait, what?

As we reported last month, Gary Holt of Exodus replaced Jeff Hanneman for a couple of Slayer shows because Hanneman got ill after being bitten by a spider. Holt isn’t going to stay forever, because, you know, he’s the main force of Exodus so he’s got to go back to his guys. That means that Slayer are left with only Kerry King to play guitars and HOLY SHIT! We don’t want that. And apparently the guys in Slayer didn’t want that either so they called Pat O’Brien.

Cannibal Corpse and Pat O’Brien slay so it’s a natural fit. Check out the dates that Holt and O’Brien are going to play with Slayer after the jump.


Slayer return to the stage

Despite every obstacle being thrown in Slayer‘s direction recently (well, old age mostly I’d guess), with Araya being admitted to hospital and Hanneman undergoing surgery,  the band finally returned to the stage last night (Friday 4th).

Tom is back pelting those vocals out and smashing the Bass, but Gary Holt of Exodus is still filling in for Jeff, who will be back as soon as he’s fully recovered. Video footage of their live performance at Australia’s Soundwave festival can be found after the jump.


Tom Araya admitted to hospital

Slayer aren’t the luckiest guys lately. A while ago, we reported that Jeff Hanneman had to be replaced on Slayer’s then upcoming, now current tour and now Tom Araya was hospitalized in Australia after a gig and their concert in Sydney yesterday was canceled.

The original press release said this:

Slayer has canceled its appearance at the Sydney, Australia stop of the Soundwave festival after the band’s bassist/vocalist Tom Araya was admitted to the hospital where he will be kept overnight. The Sydney appearance on Sunday, February 27 would have marked Slayer’s second show on the annual festival tour. No further details are currently available regarding Araya’s condition or the exact nature of his ailment.

But don’t cry yet! Araya has since been released from hospital and his wife, Sandra Araya, has issued a statement on Facebook, which reads as follows:

“SPOKE WITH TOM =) He’s feeling much better! it will be a few days before test results come back… That’s all I can say for now! whoo hoo!”

We, at Dose of Metal, wish Tom Araya a quick and full recovery but now on to some more uplifting Slayer news.

As mentioned above, Hanneman had to be replaced on Slayer’s current tour and Gary Holt of Exodus joined Slayer for the time being. There’s video footage available from Slayer’s first performance with Holt. Watch it after the jump.


Gary Holt (Exodus) to play with Slayer

First things first, my Photoshop skills are obviously limited and working with Gimp doesn’t help in that case at all, so excuse this crappy picture above but I tried my best.

So now you might be wondering why the hell I put Gary Holt’s face on top of Jeff Hanneman’s face. Well, it’s simple: Hanneman called in sick and Holt will replace him during his absence.

So what happened? Jeff Hanneman had to undergo surgery on his right arm last month after being bitten by a spider. That’s right, a spider. Now, that further increases my fear of spiders because if something like this can happen to the axe-man of fucking Slayer, why couldn’t it happen to a bald, bearded fat guy (No, I’m not talking about Kerry King) like myself? The big difference is that nobody would care if it happened to me and Gary Holt wouldn’t write for Dose of Metal during my absence. Injustice.

Anyhow, Hanneman is expected to make a full recovery and then return to Slayer. That’s the good news. The even better news is that Gary Holt is going to replace Hanneman for the time being and probably outplay everyone but Lombardo each night, during his stay with the band.

We, at Dose of Metal, wish Jeff Hanneman a quick and full recovery and hope that all spiders on this planet drop dead.

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