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Will Diamond Head join The Big Four jam?

I actually wanted to go to Knebworth for Sonisphere, but couldn’t. Man, am I going to regret this…

Diamond Head (whose ‘Am I Evil’ song is usually played when the four bands jam) will play on the same stage as Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth and Metallica. So will they join the jam at the end?

The video above with David Ellefson and Shawn Drover of Megadeth seems to hint towards that idea. It would be pretty epic indeed, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

I hope it will be pro shot so we don’t have to witness it via godawful cellphone footage.

UPDATE: Metallica.com confirms that Brian Tatler of Diamond Head joined the jam.

Speaking of Sonisphere, other musicians playing that festival were asked to pick their favorite Big Four band. Their quotes, after the jump.


The Adrenaline Mob Rules

Innovative title right there. I’m a awesome, right? Anyways, Adrenaline Mob, the new band featuring ex Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy and a mob (haha) of other “well known” musicians (Russell Allen of Symphony X, Mike Orlando of Sonic Stump and Rich Ward of Stuck Mojo and Fozzy), have released a cover of Black Sabbath‘s classic track ‘The Mob Rules’.

The cover sucks. Don’t believe me, listen to it below.

Guitarist Orlando was recently interviewed by MetalSymphony.com , and you can read an excerpt of this interview below.

“This band is not in the vein of Symphony X or Dream Theater. It’s more along the lines of, say, Rob Zombie, Godsmack, Disturbed, Black Label Society, Shinedown

Source: Blabbermouth

Rob Zombie? Shinedown? Distubed? Godsmack? Oh ok, that explains why the cover’s shit then.


Fozzy frontman an optimist

Frontman of Fozzy, and let’s be honest, better known as a guy that dresses up in spandex and “wrestles” other men in the WWF WWE, Chris Jericho was recently interviewed by Australia’s Loud magazine.

According to Jericho, Fozzy’s latest album, Chasing the Grail, has been a huge success worldwide. Wow really? I’d love to see the figures to back that statement up Chris…

Check out the interview here.


Let's play pretend

I’m gonna pretend I actually know who Fozzy are, you’re gonna pretend you actually care that they’re going on tour in Australia. This is fun.

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