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Fieldy has a target on his face


Call me a metal elitist, but I’ve been fantasizing more about hitting nu-metal musicians in the face than about Pamela Anderson after first watching her porn tape as a teenager. And trust me, I loved that video.

So when I see my man Fieldy of KoRn sporting a huge fucking X on his cheek, I can’t help but think I’d like to hit that. With a fist. While wearing brass knuckles.

I know, some of you superstitious assholes out there might point out that it’s actually a cross. But I see a target.

I got that image from an interview which you can watch after the jump, in case you want to hear two ambiguously white dudes pretending to be black.


Stillwell stillsuck

iKorn (who? What?) recently conducted an interview with Stillwell, and well, they kind of still suck. The band feature Fieldy of Korn fame and a bunch of Nu Metal has-beens that really shouldn’t have been offered another chance at making it in the music industry.

Their album apparently is already out (released May 10th), which means it successfully managed to come out without me even realizing. That’s great news for myself.

If you stillcare about Nu Metal (Why?) then have a read of blabbermouth.


The other Korn members aren’t Stillwell fans

Fieldy gave an insightful interview about his relationship with former Korn guitarist Head and about the other members of Korn’s opinion on his side project. I use ‘insightful’ loosely, because who cares, right? But still, maybe you have weird tastes in music and actually give a damn, so here you go:

It seems I’ll get in touch with [Brian ‘Head’ Welch] about once a year or so. I’m probably about due to call him and say what’s up. But he’s out touring with his band. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know what happened with him leaving Korn. I know some goofy words were said back and forth, but I bet you nobody in Korn could even tell you for sure. I think it’d be cool if he came back and rocked with us. I’d be down. But there’s three other dudes in the band, so I don’t know.

Is he saying what I think he’s saying? Could Head eventually come back in Korn? Is Korn gonna mix Christian Metal with their delightful mix of rock, rap and whatever else they include in their amazing sound? Wow!!! Sounds AWESOME!

They actually watch us almost every night, but they don’t seem very animated about things, for some reason. They’re not coming up to me, like, “Dude, that is sooo dope!” But I’ll see Jonathan watching us from the side of the stage from time to time. I saw Munky  watching us from the soundboard the other night.

Read full article here.

Can you really blame Jonathan and Munky for not going “That is sooo dope!” about Stillwell? No one can lie with such conviction.


Breaking news: Fieldy stillsucks

Okay, so Fieldy (of Korn) has been in the music business for, what, like over 15 years now? We all know his music sucks, we have done since the first time we heard him slap his bass around as if it were a piece of ass, so why do I still insist on reporting on the man, and why do you keep reading it? Maybe we’re all just after some cheap laughs, who knows? Regardless, Fieldy for one reason or another (want proof there is no God, here’s your proof) is still making music, and it still sucks.

Obviously leaving his Hip Hop project for a while (and thank God), Fieldy has formed a new band with a bunch of other misfit quasi-“musicians.” Joining him are Q (Who?) on vocals, Wuv (P.O.D. AKA Who?) on drums and Spider (I repeat, who?) on bass. The band are called Stillwell (or as I shall call them from here on, Stillsucks) and the debut album is titled Dirtbag. Their first song, known as Anal Poppin’ (or something…) can be heard above. Do yourself a favor, and don’t bother clicking play. It seriously is the worst thing I’ve heard since Linkin Park‘s last album

Actually interested in this band? Then you need to cut back on the class A’s, but in case you are, more info can be found here.


Dimmu Borgir who? Korn aren't sure.

Dimmu Borgir may not be a REAL Metal band, but they’re still a REAL band. Well, by real, I mean not make-believe, not that they’re actually any good. Still, you’d think touring with them, Korn would know who they are… Erm well apparently not, as can be seen in the interview with Fieldy after the jump (skip to 6 minutes).

“What do you think about Dimmu ‘Borgir’ and their music?”

“Of who?”

“Dimmu Borgir – the band you’re touring with”

“Oh… I don’t really know…”

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