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My ears are broken

It’s the trailer for a new Evanescence video! I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that’s it’s a new Evanescence video, or the fact that it’s a fucking trailer for a two and a half minute clip. Your call.


Amy Lee fell. Dose of Metal laughed.

Amy Lee tripped and fell down at an Evanescence gig in New York. This is exactly why women need to stay in the kitchen.

You can watch the incident in the video above, at around 3:40.

To be fair to her, not only did she trip on the floor mat, but she also kept going like a pro. So kudos to her, I just can’t help it when I see the opportunity for a few sexist jokes.


What I want, is to not hear ‘What You Want’ again

The official video of Evanescence‘s new single, ‘What You Want’, can be viewed above. Check it out and then wash your eyes out with soap. Or save yourself some pain and don’t watch it.

In other news, I just came a little and it hurt. For more on Evanescence and their upcoming third album, however, check out Blabbermouth.


Evanescence will let you watch them

Are you 18 or over, live in Nashville and like Evanescence? Well, first of all, haha, your taste in music sucks! Secondly, you can win a chance to see them perform their new single for the first time. Amazing, right?

All you have to do is send an email here with your full name, age, address, email and phone number. Make sure you CC me so I can send a few used condoms your way, too.

If you’re wondering why I’m writing about this, well, I have no idea, just saw it as a good opportunity to laugh at this band again.

[ Source: Blabbermouth ]


Evanescence smacked me in the face

Well, Evanescence promised that their new music would “smack you in the face”, and that’s exactly what listening to the 1 minute 18 second video above, featuring a sample of their new single, does to me. I feel like I’ve been just been smacked right across the face, and honestly, it’s left me in real pain.

I should sue the band for compensation for what they’ve done to my ears too…

The single will be called ‘What You Want’ and will appear on Evanescence‘s third, self-titled album, which is now scheduled for an October 11 release.

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