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Dimmu Borgir have 'only 3 members'

*counts* 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Yeah, I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark, and guess that the above picture isn’t the current lineup… Do I care? No I do not.

CrankItUp.se recently conducted an interview with lead vocalist of Dimmu Borgir, Shaggerpoof or something or other (real name: Stian Tomt Thoresen apparently), in which the split of some former multi-instrumentalist is addressed.

When asked about the band and possible replacements, Shaggy responded that Dimmu Borgir will never consist of more than just three members. Well that’s unless you count the 101 musicians that featured on your latest album, right Shaggy-poo?

Interview after the jump.


Dimmu Borgir who? Korn aren't sure.

Dimmu Borgir may not be a REAL Metal band, but they’re still a REAL band. Well, by real, I mean not make-believe, not that they’re actually any good. Still, you’d think touring with them, Korn would know who they are… Erm well apparently not, as can be seen in the interview with Fieldy after the jump (skip to 6 minutes).

“What do you think about Dimmu ‘Borgir’ and their music?”

“Of who?”

“Dimmu Borgir – the band you’re touring with”

“Oh… I don’t really know…”


Today's your lucky day

Because I know how much you love interviews which aren’t really informative, just the same series of questions everyone asks. For once I’d like to see an interviewer ask the questions I’d like to ask.

Disturbed (pictured above) singer David Draiman was interviewed by some chick who looks like a fish. Nothing special, video after the jump. I would have asked him why he shaves his head instead of embracing his Constanza hairline.

Metallica keep giving interviews left and right in Australia and New Zealand. Probably because they have 20 dvds coming out. Anyway, this interview is with Lars Ulrich, but nobody asked him to be polite and take the plums out of his mouth while talking. Video after the jump.

The third interview is with Dimmu Borgir’s guitarists, whose names I can’t really spell. Gagler and Erkejetlag or something. Anyways, check out all the flowers in the background, a very appropriate setting for this band. No questions about why they sound like Borat, unfortunately. Video after the jump.

And the final interview of the day is with none other than Suicidal Tendencies. Are they a softcore porn site with tattooed chicks? Nope, that’s what we thought too, though. They’re a real band! And apparently they’re huge, as you can see by the high profile blogspot blogger who interviewed their guitarist. It’s just an audio interview, and they don’t have the money to stream it so you have to download it.


Dimmu Borgir join Korn on tour

Pretend Black Metal band, Dimmu Borgir, have joined pretend Alternative Metal band, Korn, on their European tour.  The tour kicked off yesterday, at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam.

When asked why the hell Dimmu would tour with Korn, the vocalist responded which better pretend Metal band to tour with, than the kings of fake Metal? Plus the money is good – Actually, they didn’t say that at all. They tried to keep their ultra “cool” Black Metal image by claiming they don’t like Korn, but respect them (or some crap).

When Korn were asked to comment, JD responded “we don’t like Dimmu Borgir, but we’re hoping to ask them for some make-up tips”

Check out the interview and video here.

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